It’s (sort of) spring! Here’s how I did on the 2019 Winter Fun List

About four times a year, I make a “seasonal fun list.” Whether for summer, fall, or the holidays, these lists feature activities that will help me enjoy the season. Or in the case of the post-holiday winter fun list, not dislike it quite so much.

Back in early January, I posted my 2019 winter fun list. Since the equinox is upon us, it’s time for an update on how I did.

See the orchids at Longwood and the Philly Flower Show. I did make it to both. The orchids were pretty. Unfortunately, I only got 15 minutes in the flower show after the hour we spent in the butterfly exhibit brought us to the limits of my kids’ attention spans. I meant to go back, solo. Then the week got out of hand.

Run on the beach in San Diego. I took my 11-year-old to San Diego as his Christmas present. I ran on a path along the beach all three mornings we were there. Between that and getting up close to a rhino, it was a good trip.

Go to Disney. We took a family trip there over President’s Day weekend. You can read about my Disney tips for people who hate waiting in lines, and Jasper’s ride rankings here.

Go to a basketball game. Nope. I watched some on TV. I think maybe I need to stop putting this on my fun lists. It clearly isn’t a priority.

Go outside for 20 minutes/day. This was the sleeper resolution on this list, but it’s wound up being a keeper. I can count on one hand the number of days I haven’t made 20 minutes, and it’s usually been due to extensive travel. Even on those days, though, I braved the elements for a bit, once walking around in an airport garage for 10 minutes, and on another day walking outside with bare legs in Toronto in 15 degree weather for 8 minutes. Chilly! This resolution has nudged me to run outside whenever possible, and it’s been possible most days this winter (the snow wasn’t too bad, and we only had a few days where the high wasn’t at least in the mid-20s, which is totally doable). Fresh air is always rejuvenating. If you’re looking to add a high-impact resolution to your life, and you don’t already live in, say, San Diego, you might try this one.

Drink tea. I did drink some, often in the afternoons.

Go out for lunch at least once a week. I’m not sure what I meant here. Was I nudging myself to meet people for lunch? I did do social lunches about half a dozen times. I may also have just been nudging myself to get out of the house more and eat interesting things. I ate out for lunch at least once a week just by virtue of flying places but I’m not sure an airport burger during a flight delay was what I had in mind.

Run the Frostbite 5-miler. Done. I ran with Jane, who dressed up like a penguin. I highly recommend running a race next to someone in a festive costume. You get all the cheers but you don’t actually have to wear the thing.

Go down the waterslides at the YMCA. I know I have done this in the past few months, though perhaps not since I posted this list. My last visit to the YMCA pool was cut short by a sudden pool closure due to a child’s accident (not my kid – phew!) My husband took three of the kids last weekend and they had a good time.

Make sure the little guy learns to ski. My husband has been taking him to Blue Mountain and signing him up for lessons. But none of the kids have been all that thrilled to be skiing of late. We shall see how this shakes out, as my husband has fond memories of skiing as a child, and would really like to have this be a family activity, but he seems to be the only one in the family who feels this way.

Celebrate the launch of Juliet’s School of Possibilities. I did raise a glass last week. (If you read it and enjoyed it, would you please tell people? And post a review? Thank you!)

So, mostly hits if a few misses. I don’t plan to create a spring fun list, but then again it’s the rare list-making chance I don’t seize…

If you made a winter fun list (or a Q1 fun list) how did it go?

In other news: I’m discussing Juliet’s School of Possibilities at the University of Pennsylvania bookstore tonight at 6 p.m. (Despite how it looks on that page, the event is free and open to the public.) If you’re in the Philadelphia area, please come see me! My event in Doylestown last night was a lot of fun — though unfortunately I got stuck behind an accident on 611 and showed up a few minutes past my assigned arrival time. Yes, I was late to another speech on time management…

6 thoughts on “It’s (sort of) spring! Here’s how I did on the 2019 Winter Fun List

  1. ” You get all the cheers but you don’t actually have to wear the thing.” — That made me laugh.

    I love making season lists as well! I have a goal to do one fun activity with my husband every month this year. This month we went to a ceramics studio and made a bowl/mug, last month we went to a hockey game with friends.

  2. I loved reading this! Look forward to seeing a spring fun list. I actually don’t like spring that much for some reason. I think maybe it’s because we always have house Projects that need to get done in the spring season. Would love some good ideas for spring fun in a cold climate.

    1. @Sarah – house projects don’t really sound like a fun list to me! I’m not sure I have so many spring specific ideas. I like seeing flowers for sure. I want to savor the magnolia blossoms in my front yard when they bloom. But a lot of the warm weather activities I push to summer because yeah, it’s still cold here for big chunks of spring.

  3. I love the goal to be outside for 20 minutes per day! We live in a city with San Diego-esque weather, and while it certainly is easier to get outside there are days that we wouldn’t achieve this. But i am significantly happier on the days that being outside is effortless!

    1. @Tyra – It was a surprisingly good goal given the behavior it encouraged. And yes, I’m sure even if I lived in San Diego I’d have to nudge myself to get outside some days. And then I’d be happier I did!

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