Check out Before Breakfast, plus bookstore events

My new podcast, Before Breakfast, launched today (please check it out on iTunes!) Each bite-sized episode features a productivity tip (and upbeat music!) to help you take your day from great to awesome. New episodes drop every weekday morning, so there will be plenty of content stocked up within a few days.

(I am also excited about a Very Special Episode of Best of Both Worlds that’s being published tomorrow…but more about that soon…)

In the meantime, if you happen to be in Pennsylvania, I have some bookstore events this week.

Tuesday night, I’ll be at the Doylestown Bookshop starting at 6 p.m., talking about Juliet’s School of Possibilities.

Wednesday night, I’ll be at the University of Pennsylvania Bookstore at 6 p.m., also talking about Juliet and signing books. This is fairly close to downtown Philadelphia if any Philly readers want to come by after work!

I was recently on the Nobody Told Me podcast, with Jan Black and Laura Owens. I really enjoyed talking with them again!

This weekend was relatively low-key. I did a lot of reading (like finished 4 books reading — though they were quite short). We are in the lull before spring sports. Soccer and Little League both start soon. My 9-year-old had his baseball evaluation, which is aimed at making the teams evenly matched. We shall see. I ran outside both days, took the kids out to dinner Friday night, and enjoyed the Bonhoeffer concert at my church. I didn’t know that Maria von Wedemeyer, who was engaged to Dietrich Bonhoeffer before his execution toward the end of World War II, came to Bryn Mawr College after the war for graduate studies. She received her master’s in mathematics in 1950. Much of this theatrical work is composed from their letters to each other. It’s interesting to think of her studying less than a mile from where I was hearing this piece.

My 9-year-old wound up coming with me to the concert. He read a book the whole time. After, a lady who was sitting behind us praised him for being so good during the show, and gave him a piece of candy. This then led to his worried question to me (out of earshot) “Mom, I didn’t think I was supposed to take candy from strangers!”

22 thoughts on “Check out Before Breakfast, plus bookstore events

  1. Just an FYI the link to Before Breakfast above currently takes you to Best of Both Worlds on libsyn.

    Also, is there no way to listen to this without iTunes or downloading an app? I like listening to your podcasts while I ease into my day at work, but my work computer won’t let me download iTunes or any other apps.

  2. Hi Laura–
    Looking forward to the new podcast, as I really liked the BB book. Will it be on other podcast apps? I don’t see it on Stitcher, which is what I use on my Android phone.

        1. Chiming in as another Stitcher fan, would love to see it there.
          Congrats, Laura, on the new podcast: I enjoyed the first couple of episodes and will catch up with the others today.

  3. Same problem here, I use acast on Android (BOBW works there). Really would love to listen, but cannot find it.

  4. Listened to them this morning, they were great! But it through me off because your voice is really different then on BoBW. Must be the editing or whatever they do on the backend?

    1. @Ana – it may be that, and the recording equipment. I now have a whole set-up for recording Before Breakfast, but to record with Sarah I have to use online software — we aren’t in a studio together. Hopefully I sound at least somewhat like me!

    2. I thought I was the only one noticing a difference! It still disturbs me a bit… but I like the podcast! It is good to have shorter things to listen to.

    3. I think the difference is that BOBW is conversational whereas I’m assuming that B.B. is perhaps scripted and so that may account for the difference in delivery

      1. @m – yes, BB is scripted. I read from a script I’ve written, so it has more in common with my audiobook narration than with BOBW, which is conversational.

  5. Voices are so fascinating – your accent is so much less obvious in your speaking voice compared to your conversational voice. (I’m an Aussie so your accent is fairly distinctive to me). When I read Juliet’s School of Possibilities I could hear your voice in my head (from listening to so many episodes of BOBW), I wonder how it would have sounded to me if I’d been listening to BB as well before reading the book!

    I love the new podcast. I feel like there’s definitely some cross over, but that you can reach a wider audience with the short snippets. I caught up with all of the existing episodes in a couple of sittings, but I think I’ll experiment with actually listening to a new episode each day to start my day motivated to make the most of it!

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