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When I posted my List of 100 Dreams a few weeks ago, I mentioned wanting to visit Portland and Oregon wine country. I can now say I’ve done that! (Though it was a really quick trip and I didn’t actually see as much as I wanted to — so I may need to go back…)

I spent a few days in Vancouver, tagging along for a conference my husband was attending. Then we flew to Portland on Friday and flew back early Sunday. A few highlights from the trip:

Biking around Vancouver’s Stanley Park. I ran along the water front all three days I was in Vancouver, but I maxed out at 5.5 miles. On Friday morning we rented bikes and went all the way around the sea wall. It was beautiful: the cold water, the glistening city, the autumn leaves (including the brilliant red maples — very Canadian). Highly recommended.

Eating at Bauhaus. This is one of Vancouver’s top restaurants. I have to say, German food did not seem immediately appealing, but I’d classify it more as “modern European cuisine.” I tried a cocktail that featured pumpkin and egg whites — a bit of a spiked pumpkin spice latte. The menu was fabulous.

Karaoke at Fantacity. Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing is becoming my go-to karaoke song. The range of this piece (though written for men) turns out to be good for a soprano who’s mostly not switching into head voice.

The Guo Pei exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Most of the museum wasn’t really my taste, but they had an absolutely over-the-top exhibit of Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei’s work. I was particularly taken with the platform shoes that might as well have been stilts.

Hiking LaTourell Falls outside Portland. The aspens, yellow for fall, and the towering evergreens, made for quite a combination. We hiked up to the water fall and down the mountain for a little-more-than-an-hour loop on a perfectly maintained trail. Hard to imagine hiking being better than this.

Gran Moraine Winery. We were with a group much of the day, but my husband and I slipped off to this winery by ourselves at the end. They had music and oysters to celebrate the launch of a sparkling wine, and with perfect weather and farmland fall color, it was a nice few moments.


3 thoughts on “Vancouver and Portland

  1. I’ve been following your blog and podcast ever since hearing your talk in Vancouver at The Art of Leadership conference for women. As a Vancouverite I also enjoy karaoke at Fantacity, but I’ve never been to Bauhaus before so I will go try it out! I also recommend going to Whistler for skiing & snowboarding. Portland is also close enough for a weekend road trip, the food and wine there are delicious! Thanks for your recommendations!

    1. @Lily- so glad you’ve been following me since my last Vancouver trip! It’s a lovely city – definitely try Bauhaus. And start with the charcuterie plate.

  2. Vancouver is hands-down my favorite city in the world. That is one thing I regret about moving out of Seattle – now we can’t just drive to Vancouver anymore!

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