My 2018 List of 100 Dreams, part 3: Personal, family, etc.

It is List of 100 Dreams week here on the blog. For an explanation of the concept, please see Monday’s post. On Tuesday, the Best of Both Worlds podcast covered the topic, and I posted Part 1 on Wednesday, and Part 2 on Thursday. Here’s the balance, mostly in the “personal and family” category.

If you worked on your list this week, let me know how it went!

72. Come up with my philanthropy plan, spending some time thinking about intentional giving.
73. Start practicing the piano again. Partly to inspire my kids, and partly because I enjoy it. Maybe play a duet with the kids.
74. Find some fabulous and fashionable walking shoes
75. Also, jeans I love. And then buy 10 pairs.
76. Lift weights. Sculpted arms would be nice. I need to do more strength training in general. I do have a kettlebell in my office and I do use the weight machines when I go to hotel gyms.
77. Learn to do Instagram stories
78. Eat at all of Philly’s top-rated restaurants
79. Maybe New York’s too. I mean, it is pretty close.
80. Find a swimsuit I love – that looks good on me as I am.
81. Find my kids a sleep-away summer camp they want to do (and maybe do some version of this myself!)
82. Sit with my coffee for a minute some mornings without doing anything else. Always make a fresh pot instead of heating up the dregs in the microwave (yes, this happens).
83. Take some soaks in the brand-new, renovated bathroom tub
84. Attend another 76-ers game
85. Go to the Olympics some time (probably the summer ones, though winter could be fun too)
86. Get really nice pajamas
87. Go on more morning runs outside. Since this is currently difficult to do on weekdays, I will aim for 1x during week, and do for sure on weekends. It will be less hard when the kids are older.
88. Find some nice shampoos, face creams, and soaps. Specifically, stop using the Irish Spring my husband puts in the shower.
89. Find a new handbag. Mine is now held together with dental floss! I need one that can be my carry-on for my laptop on planes. Actually, this dream is really about going to the mall to go shopping some time. Just by myself and unhurried.
90. Read some more books on early humanity. I find the whole concept of Neanderthals and Denisovans and such oddly fascinating.
91. Get some cold/rainy weather running gear. I really dislike running on the treadmill. It’s a necessary evil at times but I’d like to run outside on a few more marginal days.
92. Train my kids to do more chores and food prep. I like the idea of them making me breakfast.
93. Convince the kids to hike and bike cheerfully
94. Do a family volunteer project together

Others I forgot to list earlier that will get me to 100:

95. Visit Italy again. I loved Florence and Cinque Terra, but I’d like to stay in a villa in Tuscany and also see Rome and the Sistine Chapel and all that.
96. Visit Mongolia.

97. Go on a sleigh ride
98. Film some time makeovers
99. Write something about streaks (long-term, daily habits)
100. Do something fun to celebrate my 40th birthday later this year! (Suggestions??)

Photo: Looking forward to soaks in the tub, though just like the sitting-still-with-my-coffee dream, it seems to have a way of not happening… 

15 thoughts on “My 2018 List of 100 Dreams, part 3: Personal, family, etc.

  1. #81!!! We sent our kids to a summer camp this year. Horseback riding, swimming (and swim lessons!), riflery, campfires, .. best of all NO SCREENS of any sort. I wish I could go!!

  2. Really nice pajamas are on my list, too!! So’s practicing the piano (and lining up lessons for my kids). I’ve found snacks make hiking 10000000x happier — we’re setting off for a one-night “backpacking” trip today (backpacking is in quotes because there’s a one-mile hike to the campsite. Not exactly hard trekking).

  3. I am loving these lists! Awesome!
    Check out Brooks Brothers for ladies pajamas. I had a pair from them that was gorgeous cotton and I wore them until they literally fell apart.
    I buy a new handbag about once a year. I almost always buy Coach because the quality is good and I like real leather.
    I want our yard to look good at some point in time. We have a new house which looks great but the yard was not a priority after spending so much money on the house. It looks very…rough. Realistically I think for this to be accomplished I need a gardener/someone with machines.

  4. You may consider Dagne Dover handbags. They are very sturdy and great for organizing everything you need. I first heard about them from Anne Bogel’s podcast and I’ve been happy with mine.

  5. Thanks for the inspiration, Laura. Really enjoyed the podcast episode on this topic. I wrote my list of 100 Dreams today. Great stuff!

  6. For my 40th birthday, I rented a lake house for 3 nights and invited my sister and 4 girlfriends. Lake Norman is near the Charlotte airport so the out-of-towners had simpler logistics. Some of the friends hadn’t met each other, but I’d known them a total of 139 years. We stargazed from the dock, soaked in the hot tub, binge watched Outlander, and played Scrabble and Cards Against Humanity into the wee hours. It was a great time, and it also sparked an annual get together for one subset of us, and plans for a 2020 trip to Europe for another subset.

  7. #74 I have been wearing Lands End mid-rise straight leg jeans and they are awesome for my 41 year old, pear-ish, runner-but-mom body. We have enough in common that they might work for you too?

    #83 I bought some bath bombs to help with that and my 3 year old daughter used them all! We did have some good science-y discussions about what “dissolve” means.

  8. Love this one, Laura!
    I can help you with #77 – Instagram Stories : )
    For #88 – look into BeautyCounter – low key, not fancy, safe, good for you and the environment – and you can do it all online!
    I’d love to see / help with #98 – film Time Makeovers
    And for the 40th – my sisters and I all went to music festivals for each of our big 4-0 celebrations! Very memorable!

  9. For #100, is there any way to also do #95?! I think a villa in Tuscany would be an AWESOME way to celebrate 40!

    1. @Hayley – that would indeed be a fun way to celebrate the birthday! I’m less than T minus 2 months now, so not sure I could pull it off in time. Maybe a delayed 40th party…

  10. So here is a dumb question, but where do you keep your list of 100 dreams and its various iterations as it changes? In a special book? On the computer? I like planners and journals, but pretty much every journal I have is temporal and I shelve it after a year (or throw it away if it is my planner). I love the 100 dreams concept. I have been following you for years and created a list a while back, but now I can’t find it. 🙂

    1. @EB – Not a dumb question. I write the list but I don’t actually go through and cross things off or update the same one hundred entries. I’ve just created several lists. So they’re “2018 List of 100 Dreams” and “2010 List of 100 Dreams” and so forth. I think some people create such lists and look at them frequently, others don’t. To me, one of the benefits of the list is having ideas of things I might like to try, and then I pick a few to work on in the near future, and generally ignore the others for a while.

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