Welcome to the Daily Vacation Challenge!

Sometimes time flies by. Other times, it moves so slowly it’s like the second hand on the clock ceases to move. Since time always passes at the same rate, it’s really our perception of it that changes.

Which raises the question: is it possible to make the good times move as slowly as the bad ones?

Probably not, but we can learn to linger in good moments and expand them by actively building the “savoring” muscles.

To that end, I’m running a Daily Vacation Challenge on the blog. I got this idea from a book called Savoring, by the late Joseph Veroff and Fred B. Bryant. Each day for one week, plan in something you know you’ll find pleasurable. Just something short — like 15 minutes — but become aware of how you’re feeling during it. Think about how you’ll recount the details, and then do, to cement the memory.

I will be doing that this week! I’ll be recounting the details on this blog, and I invite you to join me.

We moved into our vacation rental last night, which had its moments of stress (packing! unpacking!) I had thought I would try to savor my ice cream cone from our favorite parlor, but with all the kids also dripping ice cream every where it was kind of hard to do so.

However, while they were all watching a movie (and my husband was out grocery shopping) I sat on the porch and just enjoyed the sunset for a while. No phone, just staring at the waves and at the sky, people watching everyone tromping past. I had to go inside to check on the kids every 10 minutes or so, but in between those 10 minute checks I could linger in the moment.

Please check in today with what your Daily Vacation looks like!

Photo: Different beach, but 3-year-old is on my phone so I can’t access more recent photos right now.

27 thoughts on “Welcome to the Daily Vacation Challenge!

  1. My savoring moments were spent having lunch alone (!) at one of my favorite local breakfast/lunch spots (and reading!), then taking home a piece of their key lime pie, which I’m savoring right now!

  2. Incredible timing for this challenge! I just began a bucket list trip in Umbria, Italy. I savored time alone at the pool with a country cat laying next to me. Isn’t it funny we all savor time alone?

  3. This is a great idea. Today I visited a new consignment shop in our area and thoroughly enjoyed my “vacation time” shopping there!

  4. I ate my lunch at a park on a lake a few minutes drive from my office. I noticed a butterfly, a dragonfly and some pink flowers growing along the shore. I work in corporate finance so usually eat lunch at my desk during quarter end.

    1. This is so huge. I usually eat while I work too, but consciously taking a break for lunch to go do something else makes SUCH a difference in my energy and motivation.

  5. Had a four hour round trip car ride to Vermont with kids and in-laws, as well as a dentist appointment, and scheduled in a visit to a hideaway swimming hole to beat the heat. It was wonderful to savor swimming under the waterfall as the stream poured over an historic timber dam, just a few feet upstream from a beautiful Vermont covered bridge. It made the 2 hour drive home much sweeter, and we will remember that hour of swimming for the rest of our days.

    1. @Fan – this sounds great! Planning in a stop – so you can anticipate it – and then enjoying it during it is the perfect example of a daily vacation idea.

  6. Treated myself to a quick houseplant (actually officeplant)-shopping trip in the middle of some work errands. Now my office is a little more homey, too!

  7. My savoring moments were about 25 minutes when my daughter settled down for her late evening nap, and I got myself a glass of cold milk and some Oreos, and went scrolling through a writers’ chat group on Discord. I miss writing and writing-related talk so much, and now that we’re in July and there’s Camp NaNoWriMo, I’m tempted to attempt some non-business writing for my savoring moments tomorrow. I did check in on my daughter a couple of times when she stirred, but for the most of that 25 minutes, I was sipping milk and Oreos slowly and mindfully. It was heavenly!

    1. @Bouchra – it is so hard to find savoring time with little kids. But 25 minutes with milk and oreos totally works! Enjoy Camp NaNoWriMo.

  8. I found this today but yesterday afternoon we had a Lord of the Rings marathon and I was tempted to feel impatient but instead choose to just enjoy it. (The fact that it was sooo hot out helped too!)
    I just finished lingering over my coffee on the swing outside and enjoying catching up with my newly married daughter.
    Thanks for the reminder, to take in these moments and to record them.
    I so enjoy your insights.

    1. @Lisa- once you undertake a marathon of any sort, you may as well enjoy it! So glad you enjoy my insights.

  9. I waited all day to find my 15min since I helped a friend and watched her kids along with my own three this afternoon…so I took a nice long shower. I paid more attention to the water and the heat and realized that my 7 yo does this every time she’s in the shower…she’s in there forever and we are always telling her it’s time to get out but she’s savoring and I remembered that as I was in there tonight. Thanks for this pause Laura!

  10. Since reading Off the Clock I’ve been more mindful of savoring moments, too. Yesterday afternoon was blissful, with all the kids at home, supper cooked over an open fire (yes, in the heat), and just hanging out together. I can’t wait to journal about it this afternoon.
    Enjoy your holiday!

  11. Thanks for this post. This is like a mini-retirement, but an affordable and mindful one. I read your post on my way home after a long day, so the savouring moment was a bath with Epsom salts (infused with juniper berry essential oil) before bed together with a bowl of frozen cherries. I am not sure if this is a memorable vacation but it will help me to sleep better :).

    1. @Eliza- that works for me! Mini-retirement sounds good – and why wait until age 65? (or 67 or…)

  12. I read Off the Clock a couple of weeks ago (brilliant book, by the way!) and I loved the idea of the Daily Vacation! This week is the perfect time for me to try it out. I have to leave the country where I grew up on short notice due to extreme violence and instability in this country. It’s easy to feel like I don’t have enough time to do all the things I need to do in the next week before I move back to the States. Taking 15 minutes a day to just sit and enjoy life will do wonders for my stress levels this week and help me enjoy my last week home!

    1. (Accidentally commented twice saying the same thing…technology glitch *facepalm* Sorry about that! Feel free to just delete the first comment if you’d like.)

    2. @Amy – I hope the trip is safe and you make it back to the States quickly. Definitely a different scenario from most of us doing this challenge, but yes, there are probably good things to savor in all circumstances. I’m so glad you enjoyed Off the Clock!

  13. Yay! I went to the pool, put my phone away (after taking an Instagram worthy pic), read advanced copy of Barbara Kingsolver’s new book and then swam a few laps to cool off. I could have skipped this and stayed at home and started dinner. But I didn’t. THANK YOU!

    1. @Nancy- love it! Always take the instagram photo first. Then put the phone away 🙂
      Dinner will happen eventually. It usually does. Or you call for delivery. One or the other.

  14. I spent some time reading a book by one of my favorite guilty pleasure writers while sitting in an air conditioned room with my Golden Retriever at my feet.

  15. Went out looking at small campers & saw two that we really liked. So fun to imagine long road trips in comfort💚

    1. @Cheryl – I know exactly what you mean on the fun daydreaming part! I took along a book this week on top excursions/adventures and I’m enjoying picturing my theoretical trip to New Zealand.

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