Report on 2018 Mommy Day #2

I am slowly making my way through my 2018 summer fun list. Last week I did my one-on-one day with my 6-year-old daughter, making a pilgrimage to the American Girl store in NYC. Today was my 8-year-old son’s turn.

It was…different. For one thing, shorter, because we stayed local. We got lunch at a Japanese restaurant, since he loves edamame (and bubble soda). Then we went to this DefCon 1 place that just opened in a local trampoline park. He had seen it during a visit there, and wanted to try it out.

It was basically paintball, but with pellets instead of paint. My weapon handling skills are not exactly expert level, though our opponents (two boys there for the afternoon) weren’t exactly expert either. It was dark and loud and my mask was hot and my pellet gun was heavy and glitchy. I will say, though, that my son was a good team mate. I provided cover as he charged the other team’s fort (wagering that their aim wasn’t particularly good.)

We got through that game and spent the rest of our time there jumping in the trampoline park. Then it was off for a little shopping, first at Five Below, because my son wanted to check it out. I have to say, a store like that is dangerous for someone like me (“look, they have sunscreen! We need more sunscreen! And it’s only $5!”) We picked up a few trinkets, then hit Target to get what he really wanted: two new games for his Nintendo Switch.

Shopping at Target isn’t exactly my idea of a Mommy Day, in that we shop at Target a lot, and I’m trying to emphasize experiences rather than acquisitions. On the other hand, the Switch games came to a lot less than our train tickets to NYC last week. My son is on cloud nine. And I’m home in time to get some work done tonight.

So, two down, two to go!

Photo: random Five Below purchase. I also got a foam roller. 

2 thoughts on “Report on 2018 Mommy Day #2

  1. You know, when my children were little, it was my great joy when I could go to the grocery store or Target BY MYSELF! So I totally get your son’s enjoyment of going to the restaurant, game zone, and Target, just him (with you), and not riding train or car for an hour or trekking from stations and parking. Sometimes simple is the best.

    1. @Barb – I agree – sometimes getting to do the little things as one-on-one time can be great. Even if he could have elected to go to an amusement park!

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