Daily Vacation Challenge day 4 (something of a savor fail)

I definitely wanted to savor the experience of watching the fireworks last night. We’d be sitting on the beach, the heat of the day dissipated, watching the display.

I planned it in, and was looking forward to it — all parts of the Daily Vacation Challenge. Each day this week, I’m planning in something fun, and really trying to enjoy the experience. Then I’m recounting it here afterwards. (And inviting others to do the same!) Savoring good moments can help make time feel more abundant.

(I discuss this topic more in Off the Clock, my most recent book.)

The fireworks were nice, but anything with small kids makes savoring difficult. We brought our towels to the beach, and then the kids squabbled some, and the 3-year-old was running around, running off, wanting to borrow people’s phones, throwing sand, etc. As my husband noted, about 60 percent of our capacity was devoted to the 3-year-old, leaving about 40 percent for actually enjoying the fireworks.

Which were nice! And the breeze felt good, and the soft sand beneath the towels. So there were seconds of savoring, but not exactly whole minutes. Oh well. In general, it was a good day — a nice run in the morning, a Fourth of July parade with firetrucks (and lots of thrown candy — the kids loved that), an afternoon beach trip, grilling shrimp fajitas and sweet corn, and fireworks

What did you savor in the last 24 hours?

Photo: Little boys watching the fire trucks in the parade

8 thoughts on “Daily Vacation Challenge day 4 (something of a savor fail)

  1. We watched the fireworks on the National Mall and I intentionally savored the experience. It was hard because my 10yr old son was having problems (he “couldn’t see” and his 6yr old brother was sitting on his pillow). At first I was trying to help him, but then I realized he was completely capable of solving all his “problems” and he wasn’t distracting anyone else, so I decided to enjoy the fireworks. He is slightly whiny about it today, but I figure he still has plenty of opportunity to enjoy fireworks throughout his life. So, after trying to help him for the first two minutes, I savored the last 18 minutes and it was very good.

    1. @Jessica – good for you that you were able to ignore the whining. I find this quite difficult – something to work on!

  2. I think this is such a great idea I am going to try to do it multiple weeks! So far this week I have been swimming during work lunch hour, something I love to do but haven’t done since May last year, had a pedicure this afternoon (already booked before I read about the vacation idea), walked round the beautiful hotel gardens for 15 minutes on my own after a networking lunch yesterday and tried to go to an organ recital in our local 13th century church today, but the organ had something wrong with it so it was cancelled – only found out after a rather hot walk there. The other amazing and memorable experience of the week is definitely one of those that are brilliant in retrospect but pretty horrible whilst actually doing it – two plus tense hours watching England v Colombia in the Football World Cup and finally manage to win a penalty shoot out!

    1. @Katherine B – boo on the organ concert being canceled, that would have been amazing. But the rest sounds great! Definitely aim to keep swimming on the lunch hour occasionally – it’s a great way to fit it in.

  3. I didn’t plan this, obviously, but as rain moved in about an hour ago, the wind was whipping the trees every which way, and I enjoyed watching the show. It always amazes me how hard the wind can blow and how the trees are able to withstand the onslaught!

    1. @Ruth – it’s storming here right now! I should find a place to watch the show. Though I did also linger over a cup of coffee in the kitchen listening to the rain this morning. Quite nice.

  4. I did a local race that involves about 1100 feet of climb in the first 4 miles. I was not really in shape for it, but just walked short intervals as I ran and savored the scenery…and the great view at the top. I had plenty of energy for the run back down!

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