Friday miscellany: The efficient run, links

I just got back from a rather muggy run. Being able to run in the middle of the day (usually when I need a break) is a definite upside of working from home. However, there comes a point in the summer when a middle-of-the-day run becomes a bit less enticing. Today’s humidity had some elements of that.

I elected to improve the experience by combining my run with some other things I needed to do. So I stuck my ATM card in my Athleta running pants zip pocket, and ran to get cash at the bank. Then I ran to the post office to buy several books of stamps (I am thrilled with the Off the Clock pre-order campaign! But boy, have I signed and mailed a lot of book plates!)

All this made the run feel much more efficient than just slogging it out in the heat. I was literally “running” errands. I’ve tried to achieve similar efficiencies by running during kid activities too. A 60-minute swim practice, for instance, can allow for a 30-minute run and 30 minutes of working in the car or in the bleachers. Or it can allow for a 55-minute run if the weather is nice. That’s a good 5 miles right there.

The roses are blooming. I’m still working on finding some honeysuckle, but soon enough.

This was launch week for Off the Clock, and I really appreciate people purchasing the book in its various forms, mentioning it on social media (there have been great photos on Instagram! Tag me @lvanderkam), and recommending it to friends.

If you haven’t yet, please do. First week sales have an outsized influence on how many copies get printed, shipped to stores, etc.

I’ve been posting links on social media, but here are just a few write-ups. Gretchen Rubin interviewed me for her blog. We talk Upholders, running streaks, and the three versions of the self.

Courtney Carver (@bemorewithless) has been doing a give-away over on Instagram. I have loved reading the comments on how people slow down and feel less busy. There’s a lot of good fodder in there! (If reading 700+ comments on Instagram might not naturally make one feel less busy…ha ha).

Business Insider ran a piece on the three versions of the self, which is really awesome. This is not a topic that easily lends itself to a short online piece, and writer Shana did an amazing job with it.

I have been recording a number of podcasts. I’m excited to be on Atomic Moms soon (that’s not published yet but will be in the next week or so), and I was recently on The Accidental Creative, and Give and Take, and Leadercast (can’t seem to get a link for that, but I just got the notification in iTunes!) I was on Tonya Dalton’s Productivity Paradox.

Anyway, more to come soon. Hope everyone has plans for a wonderful, off-the-clock feeling weekend.





6 thoughts on “Friday miscellany: The efficient run, links

  1. Bought the book! Just started reading it and am really enjoying it so far. Glad you have a Kindle version available.

  2. Have you read any Kazuo Ishiguro? I think you might like him. I would recommend starting with Never Let Me Go. I also think you might like Julian Barnes (Sense of an Ending) or Elizabeth Strout.

  3. Ooh great interview with Gretchen Rubin! You had an extra-long and very personal intro! I am impressed you ran on Friday afternoon, I was wilting after just walking around in the muggy heat. Today is a day I really wish I had time for a run, its so brisk!

    1. @Ana- it was a nice intro! Very sweet. I’m experimenting with running in the evenings…

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