Friday miscellany: Beach and links

I have been on semi-vacation this week with my husband’s extended family. I say semi-vacation because according to my time logs I’ve worked about 17 hours while at this beach rental in North Carolina. I’ve been running on the beach every morning, which is always fun, and generally with my husband’s older sister. The 3-year-old needs constant supervision, which minimizes the relaxation element, but seeing all the older kids play together reminds me that this phase will pass.

Lots of Off the Clock links this week! MM. LaFleur featured an interview with me in their M-Dash newsletter, with various photos of me in MM.LaFleur outfits (head over to Instagram @lvanderkam to see more).

Blinkist is featuring Off the Clock as a new release in their library. If you haven’t heard of this app, it’s a cool concept: short summaries of lots of non-fiction books. Ideally, you decide the book sounds awesome and you go buy it. If not, well, at least now you know the main idea and can sound more erudite at cocktail parties. In one of their tweets about the release they referred to me as a “sorceress of the time/space continuum,” which I totally want to put on my business cards.

I was on Farnoosh Torabi’s So Money podcast. I was also a guest on Advice to My Younger Me with Sara Holtz.

CNBC has been running videos about the concepts in the book. Check out the simple daily habit that will make you more productive, and why Friday should be the most productive day of the week.

PsychCentral ran a nice article about planning in memorable activities, with a short list of ways to put adventures into your everyday life.

We’re still in the first month post launch, and I’m always looking for new ways to share the word. If you have suggestions of podcasts I should be on, or places bookish or time-management type people gather, please let me know (email lvanderkam at yahoo dot com). If you have read the book, thank you! Please tell friends, family, and colleagues. Word-of-mouth is still the best way to build an audience. Post pictures of the book on social media (and tag me!) If you enjoyed the book, please consider writing a review for Amazon or the retailer where you purchased it, or for Goodreads. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Friday miscellany: Beach and links

  1. Podcast to consider:
    The Happiness Project
    Rich Roll’s Podcast

    A guest for your podcast: Design for Mankind author, she starts her day at 2am by going to bed at 6pm

  2. I have also referred to you as a ‘straight talking time guru’, but ‘sorceress of the time/space continuum’ is befitting and fun! Congrats on the book launch. As a (almost 50 yr old) mom of teens, part time employee, sometimes consultant and grad student, your insight makes a difference in my life/outlook/mood everyday! Thank you.

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