Holiday weekend, plus last call for pre-orders

We don’t hit the solstice, or the end of school, for a few more weeks, but Memorial Day weekend often feels like the start of summer. We have had a pretty good one so far. We all went to the beach on Saturday before the rain and chilly temperatures rolled in. We got ice cream at Days in Ocean Grove (pictured), so that’s crossed off my Summer Fun List (though I am sure we will eat there again before Labor Day!)

My husband took some of the kids to see the fireworks downtown, and a different combination of kids to see Solo. I was hoping to go strawberry picking but the cold spring meant that our local pick-your-own farm has a delayed opening. I know the berry season is always short, but I guess it’s going to be really short this year.

Today is a work day for me because Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done will be published in the US and Canada tomorrow. I’m happy with how this book turned out. It feels different from my others, which I think is a good thing. I don’t want to waste readers’ time by writing the same book!

Anyway, through the quirks of online retailer shipping, some readers have already received their copies. But you can still pre-order until tomorrow and get the pre-order goodies! Of note: I’ll be doing a book discussion webinar this week that is only open to people who pre-ordered. Just order through your favorite retailer and then fill out the form on this page. I’m thrilled to have people buy the book whenever, but if you are thinking of picking up a copy eventually, pre-orders and orders in the first few days show retailers (who decide how many copies to stock) and my publisher (who decides how many copies to print) that demand is swift. So I really appreciate your considering buying a copy sooner rather than later.

The roses in our yard are in bloom. Now I’m just hoping to find some good patches of honeysuckle to run through, and then it will feel like the start of June!


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