Friday miscellany: Amtrak, chaperoning, renovations

It’s been a pretty good week. I gave two speeches, one in Philadelphia and one in NYC, so neither required flying.

Of course, getting to NYC did require taking the train, which turned into its own fun. On Thursday morning my husband and I were both going to 30th Street Station, though heading in opposite directions from there, so we drove in together. I got to see his new office (a corner one! He has arrived!) and we had coffee together before heading into the station, where chaos reigned.

It turned out that there had been a freight train accident around Wilmington (thank goodness nothing like the derailment from a few years ago) and all the north and southbound trains were indefinitely delayed. As I needed to be in front of a group of people at noon, this was going to be an issue. My speakers bureau was working on getting a car service, but then Amtrak decided to honor Acela tickets on the Keystone train, which was going through (Harrisburg to NYC does not need to pass through Wilmington!) I got on that and made it to my speech with 20 minutes to spare.

While in NYC I also stopped by the Portfolio offices and picked up a first copy of Off the Clock! It’s so cool to see it actually produced and looking like a book.

Other finished things this week: the renovation. We passed the final inspection. The shower glass is installed. We are still awaiting some living room furniture, though most of that should be here Monday. The junk truck was supposed to come today for our old furniture but that somehow got rescheduled for tomorrow. Since the truck will be here, we’re getting rid of a few other things too, including the crib. This is the crib all four babies slept in, so this is kind of a milestone, except in some ways no. It is smashed up in all sorts of creative fashions. Even if I did have another kid, there’s no way a child could sleep in this crib after what kid #4 did to it.

Wednesday was one of the first real summer feeling days, and I spent a lot of it outside. I chaperoned my daughter’s kindergarten field trip to a local nature preserve. Then I had dinner downtown with my husband at a restaurant with garden seating. Eating outdoors is one of those pleasures I am reminded of every spring. Here’s hoping it happens a lot more this summer.

This weekend will feature a lot of kid activities and the Broad Street 10-miler. I’ll report back on Monday how that goes…

3 thoughts on “Friday miscellany: Amtrak, chaperoning, renovations

  1. Oh I love eating al fresco! We are lucky enough that we can do it year round here in Brisbane Australia – most places in winter bring out tall gas heaters and it’s quite pleasant. We are getting small hints of autumn here at night now, but it mostly feels like summer during the day still. It’s probably my favourite weather right now!

  2. Good luck on the Broad Street 10 Miler…always wanted to do that, but I am planning on making a return trip to the Philadelphia Marathon this year…and may run the Half as well!

  3. I ate lunch outside yesterday and then took a meeting outside after that. Definitely trying to soak up the warmer weather now that winter in the Midwest (finally?!) appears to be over.

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