Weekend: A few soaks, and tulips

This was not a particularly relaxing weekend. We had one good day on the potty training front, though that occurred mostly because the 3-year-old and I did not leave the house. The other day was not so good. He had several accidents, fought bedtime, fought his siblings, fought me.

However, I did get a few nice moments. I managed a good soak in the new tub on Saturday night. I had a glass of chianti and read Wallace Stegner. The tub is particularly nice right now because the view out the window is of our in-bloom Bradford pears that are raining petals like snowflakes. The shower walls should get installed this week and then the renovation will be mostly done! (We’re still awaiting living room furniture, but all structural work is over).

We also went to Longwood Gardens on Sunday. Saturday’s weather had been lovely — we grilled! — but then a storm front came in and Sunday got down to 39 degrees. Yuck. But we bundled up and went to see the tulips, which are at their peak right now. They told us they had dozens of volunteers plant thousands of bulbs, but I enjoy these moments (see photo) when nature fights back a bit against order — one red flower in a sea of yellow ones. As for other photos, we may have gotten one photo when the kids all faced the camera and smiled. Maybe. Oh well.

In other news: Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done will be out one month from today (May 29)! Have you pre-ordered your copy yet? Pre-orders help show booksellers (and publishers) that there is strong demand for a book. If you enjoy this ad-free, no-sponsored-posts blog, I would really appreciate if you’d consider supporting my work this way. Thanks so much!

8 thoughts on “Weekend: A few soaks, and tulips

  1. Your bathtub is beautiful – Chianti and a book? Heaven. I love your posts and yes! I’ve ore-ordered the book! Can’t wait!

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