A slow start to Monday…

We woke this morning to find out that the schools were delayed two hours. Ostensibly the reason is ice. I also got a call about something else being canceled, the person being sick. Perhaps. I have my suspicions. But at least the widespread cancelations, delays, etc. extended to my husband’s jury duty. He was called for service today, but learned he did not have to go. I guess there are some upsides to nothing happening in the region of Philadelphia. (Kidding on the timing of the last one: he was released by mid-day Sunday, it had nothing to do with the Super Bowl.)

But wow, what a game! Right down to the end. I watched it while reading tweets, which I’ve decided adds an element of fun to live events that we never knew we were missing 15 years ago. It’s like having the world’s funniest people at a party with you, only when the power went out right before half time here, and it took me 20 minutes to get my TV working again, it wasn’t nearly as stressful as if I were actually hosting a party. Seeing the Eagles win was a definite highlight of the weekend.

There were also low moments.

My daughter caught the same stomach bug the 3-year-old had, so my desperate wish to sleep through a night after three bad nights with the 3-year-old was not granted.

However, our wonderful weekend sitter was totally game to still come despite the illness. Which was good, because my husband was taking the 10-year-old to Atlanta to visit the Georgia Aquarium. He had asked for this for Christmas, and we like the idea of experiential gifts. Of course, there’s never a perfect time to execute on these experiential gifts. They were on an 8 a.m. flight Saturday. My 8-year-old had to be at a wrestling meet at 7:15 a.m. But since we had the sitter — who agreed to come at 6:45! — the 6-year-old could sleep it off and play with her Kindle in her room while we both went with the older boys to their things.

The wrestling meet was tough. He lost all four matches. And the kids were slightly vicious too. I’m kind of glad that the wrestling season is almost over.

We came home, I saw that my daughter was doing much better, so I went for a run and did some work at the library. (Seriously, kids can be so resilient. By Saturday afternoon she was dancing around the house.) I made everyone go to bed early, including myself. This was good, because going to bed at 10 p.m. meant that when the 3-year-old woke up at 5:45 a.m., I still felt like I’d gotten a full night’s sleep. Sunday I managed to run a 5k on the treadmill in the morning in between forwarding through cartoon commercials. Then I took the three kids who were with me to church, we did some playdates after (including a switch-off of children: I took another family’s 8-year-old and they took my 6-year-old). And then the Super Bowl! My husband and 10-year-old came home during the second half (that timing thing…they got the tickets before we knew the Eagles would be in the Super Bowl).

And then we woke this morning to find many things delayed and canceled. But my husband and I played outside with the kids, and did a puzzle, and got them on the bus two hours later. A slow start to Monday, but hey…

6 thoughts on “A slow start to Monday…

  1. We just made our second trip to the Georgia Aquarium last week! We are in NY but have friends who live near Atlanta so when we were down there for a birthday party the kids (mind you, they are 21, 18 and 18) voted to go there AGAIN!

    That’s when you know you have a winner, lol.

    Hope your family enjoyed it.

  2. I find it funny how your snow days result in everything being delayed! I’m in Canada, (Ontario to be specific), and there are never delays – the busses just run at the appointed time, or they don’t. It’s pretty rare the schools close, but classes don’t really happen because there’s probably 3-4 kids/class on those days.
    I had a slow start to Monday as well – My daughter’s first 3 months in daycare went so smoothly, but the last month it feels like she’s been sick every week. This morning it was a rash (doctor said just a remnant of last week’s flu), so luckily she can head back tomorrow morning. I might actually get some work done this week!

    1. @Megan – we get a lot of delays because it gives the snow plows time to clear the streets (or for trucks to salt the streets) and because things often start warming up during the day. A delay means it still counts as an instructional day, toward our 180 total. Whereas a cancelation does not and has to be made up later. But yeah, the delays can be pretty annoying. I slightly suspect this delay was also partly about the fact that the entire city of Philadelphia was up late drinking on Sunday night.

  3. Well, how lovely (though not ‘productive’) to start the week with outside play with the kids! My nanny just took our three kids that are at home today for a walk. I chose to stay home to work but now that feels kind of daft 🙂

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