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I usually don’t let too many days go between blog posts. So just a quick note of explanation: I’m trying to wrap up this round of edits on Off the Clock by the end of the month. Which is rapidly approaching! This book has been an interesting beast to write. Creating a first draft was easy. Almost strangely so. The editing has been a lot more difficult. I’m currently fact-checking the manuscript, and trying to resolve some sections that continue to bug me. It feels fairly all consuming, but my life is such that I can’t easily escape into a tower. Plus, I already sort of did that in July to finish the last round of edits. After this, it goes into copy-editing, and very little can be changed at that point (despite the book not being out until MAY). So I’m trying to get it right. I may be back tomorrow or this weekend with a post on books read in September, but we shall see. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Writer on deadline

  1. Good luck with the editing Laura. On that point following your advice I have been trying to make better use of my time in the car as well as on the exercise bike and have been listening for the last few weeks to Martin Jarvis reading Dickens’ “Great Expectations” on Audible. And very good it is too. I knew that like many Victorian writers Dickens’ work was serialised in weekly publications, hence the extensive padding in some of his work and the cliffhanger chapter endings. What I did not know until I read a written introduction to the book, however, was that when he was writing “Great Expectations” it was his own magazine that it was published in and because the magazine was in financial difficulties he actually started publishing the first chapters from it before he had even finished writing it. How is that for pressure? ! I don’t think you can tell listening to it, as all the clues that were so carefully laid right at the beginning are now being followed through as I get towards the denouement and I haven’t spotted any loose ends left yet .

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