Coming tomorrow — the Best of Both Worlds podcast!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was working on another project. I was a bit hush-hush about it, but now it has come to fruition, and should go live tomorrow (when I will share the official links). It’s the Best of Both Worlds podcast! I teamed up with Sarah Hart-Unger, a physician, mom of two (soon to be three!), and one of my favorite bloggers, to talk work and family. Each episode of Best of Both Worlds is about 35 minutes in length, and we hope you’ll choose us as your companion for your commute or workout. Or as your listening material when you’re lying in bed with your 2-year-old, trying to get him to sleep. Not that I know anything about that!

Following usual podcast launch procedure, we’re starting out with three episodes (we will release them weekly after that).

Episode one looks at why Sarah and I both decided to have more than two kids (the “normal” family size). We talk about what happens in bigger families, and what works and doesn’t.

Episode two looks at evening routines. Both Sarah and I are often the parent who’s “on” in the evening in our households. For many working parents, these are the hours you can have for quality time, but everyone’s tired. So how do you have some fun with evenings? (and maybe some me-time too?)

Episode three looks at part-time schedules. Are they the secret to work/life balance? Or will you do the same amount of work for less pay? Sarah recently went to an 80% schedule — which is why we can do this podcast in the first place — but it works better in some industries than others. This was a particularly lively discussion.

You can listen to these in any order, but please do give them a listen when they go live! I’m really excited that this came to be so quickly. Back in mid-July, Sarah posted on her blog that she was thinking of starting a podcast. I read that post, and had similar thoughts simmering in my mind somewhere. So I reached out, and we decided to give it a whirl. I’ve had a lot of fun chatting with her (with the record button on, and off!)

Future topics will include childcare, the best career advice we’ve gotten, the mental load of parenting, what makes a good weekend, and many others. In each episode we share our “love of the week” — something (non-sponsored) that’s working for us. And we answer listener questions! So if you have one, feel free to email me ([email protected]) and we may be able to use it in a future episode.

More to come tomorrow. Thanks in advance for considering spending some time listening to our chats.

10 thoughts on “Coming tomorrow — the Best of Both Worlds podcast!

  1. Subscribed this morning and listed on commutes in both directions. What fun – and you two seem to have great chemistry! Looking forward to seeing it hit the feed every week.

    1. @Kathleen – thank you so much! I’m thrilled that we could accompany you on your commute. Our goal is every Tuesday, and we recorded 3 more episodes yesterday. So far, so good…

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