Report on Mommy Day #2

We staggered the camp schedules this week. The 7-year-old and 5-year-old are occupied during the day; the 10-year-old is not. So he and I elected to do our Mommy Day on Monday. During the summer, I take a day to go do something fun with each of my three big kids. The 5-year-old had her day at Hersheypark a few weeks ago. Monday, the 10-year-old and I went to Dutch Wonderland.

It was a pretty good trip. I’m amazed at times how grown up he is. A key thing: I can just send him into the men’s room by himself. Or up to a counter with cash and he will get what he wants. And yet at times he’s just a little kid. We spent over an hour in the “lagoon” area of Dutch Wonderland, which is really just glorified sprinklers. He had so much fun splashing and running around. I sat and stared at the clouds the whole time, thinking semi-deep thoughts. Because I didn’t have to watch him all that closely. It’s interesting to think how much more relaxed my life will be from that perspective in another 7 years (I’ll be worried about them driving, though!)

Dutch Wonderland is not that big a park, and my son didn’t even want to go on the major roller coaster, so we repeated a number of rides, such as the swings, and this simulator where you “fly” through the pyramids in Egypt. We only spent about 7 hours there before exhausting the place. He was happy to go home and take his turn on the computer. Now on to the last Mommy Day in a few weeks, possibly at Dutch Wonderland again! The 7-year-old has been wavering between that and something else. We’ll see what wins out…

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  1. I do date days with my children too (ages 16, 14, and 6) and it is fun to watch their choices evolve. Tomorrow I’m taking my 16 year old daughter to an art museum and a nice restaurant that we wouldn’t want to try with the 6 year old.
    And you are totally right about them growing up and being able to relax about some things- it is so nice to be able to leave them all home if I need to run to the library or quick trip to the grocery, and I pay my oldest to babysit if I’ll be gone for an extended time. But like you mentioned there are the driving woes and like I say, big kids bring big kid problems. Overall it has been my experience that adolescents are pretty fun to hang out with!

    1. @Natasha – that sounds like a marvelous date with your daughter! I would not go to Dutch Wonderland on my own, but I would totally go to an art museum and a nice restaurant and think these things were fun beyond any relationship building. Here’s hoping my kids will get there! (Though to be honest, I suspect some of my boys will be more into burgers and paintball…)

  2. I took one for the team today. We have a membership to a fabulous pool and enjoy it almost daily. However, a lot of my kids’ friends do not. I was invited to go to a public beach area on the river with 4 other moms and 14 children. I’m the only working mom. Two are homeschoolers who are very opinionated about public school. I guess, my kids were invited, and I had to tag along. It went ok. Certain topics avoided and everyone was pleasant, but being out in muddy water with 14 children is not my comfort zone. I’m not a princess, but I’m not outdoorsy. Or very patient with children.
    Long story short: I framed the narrative all day. It’s really the only way I got through. “The kids are making memories.” That and the promise of cheap pink wine and a couple hours of mind numbing hours television that I kept promising myself.

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