Report on Mommy Day #1 (2017)

My 5-year-old daughter finished her pre-K program this week, so we celebrated with the first of my three planned Mommy Days for the summer. These are days when I take each of my three big kids, solo, for a day-long excursion. We get to spend one-on-one time together, doing something the kid finds fun.

My daughter elected to repeat last year’s choice of going to Hersheypark. We left this morning around 8:45 a.m. and got parked and to the ticket booth by about 10:30 a.m. We had planned to stop at the funnel cake stand first thing, but it was closed! We kept coming back to check, and it kept being closed — for much of the day. This did not put us in a wonderful mood to start, and you know how when you really want one particular food, nothing else will do? We were both experiencing that. There were also a TON of student groups there for end-of-year trips. Just as I experienced at the zoo overnight, too many kids with too few adults is a recipe for trouble. My daughter actually got mowed over by two teen girls who were horsing around. There were tears.

Anyway, there were some good moments too. My daughter wanted to go on the Cocoa Cruiser kiddie roller coaster again and again. I think we may have gone on 10 or more times today. Finally, toward the end of the day I convinced her to try the Trailblazer coaster, which is a bigger one. The good news is that, having fortified herself on the Cocoa Cruiser, she was willing to try it. And she really liked it! So that was good. And we finally got funnel cake at 5 p.m. So that was dinner.

It was a lot of driving, and my neck kind of hurts from that, but she was singing in the car on the way home as she played with the stuffed Twizzler character and the stuffed Hershey Bar I bought her. I think that’s a positive sign. In any case, the upside of spending one-on-one time is you have some fascinating conversations.  She spouted some real gems in the car. My personal favorite exchange: Her: “Mommy, Christmas isn’t just about getting toys. It’s about celebrating Jesus’s birth.”

Me: “That’s right sweetie.”

Her: “Yes. It’s about celebrating Jesus’s birth by getting toys.”

Now on to the next two Mommy Days! It sounds like they both may want to go to Hershey… I may be tired of it by the end of this summer!

5 thoughts on “Report on Mommy Day #1 (2017)

  1. Good luck on the HersheyPark excursions. Maybe something super interesting will come up and the others will want to try that. I do a one one one every summer as well. My youngest picked Shakalaka (indoor trampoline park) My others are undecided as of now. We also do a one on one at back to school time. This is more for my own sanity. Lot easier buying clothes and supplies when it’s only 1 child complaining than 3. I take them to whatever restaurant they choose and a movie at the end of the day to end on a good note. Maybe one day they will look back on it with fondness memories.

  2. Was that almost four hours of driving? I’m surprised that a five year old didn’t mind that much car time. But I’m glad you got your funnel cake in the end. The day isn’t complete til you’ve got that delightful crunchy treat. I miss them, wish we could get them at non amusement parks. Maybe someone can convince Costco to carry them alongside Churros 🙂

    1. @Revanche – I think the thing with funnel cake is that it’s best when it’s right out of the funnel! I’ve purchased pre-made versions places…and it’s not the same!

  3. As an English reader of the blog I’m dying to know what funnel cake is? Is it what we call candyfloss? It doesn’t sound that likely but I can’t think what else it could be. You’ve inspired me to try to do the one:one days with my daughters now 17 and 13. The days are short, especially with the 17 year old now.

    1. @Katherine – so it’s sugary dough drizzled out of a funnel into hot oil. It fries, so you have that lovely combination of sugar and fat. Not the sort of thing one should probably eat daily.

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