Brief Friday thoughts

I was going to do a longer post on my favorite freelancing strategies — it’s the annual American Society of Journalists and Authors conference this weekend, though I am not there — but then I decided to prioritize other things. Namely, finishing (mostly) the first draft of my next book. When I get deep into something, I don’t want to stop. So I didn’t. And now it is Friday and I have written two blog posts this week. Oh well. That idea can be fodder for next week.

The Cub Scout camping trip is this weekend, and the park up in northern PA is supposed to experience terrible weather. They already told people not to come up tonight (I wasn’t getting there until tomorrow anyway, but some tougher sorts like to make a weekend out of it). It may actually snow on Sunday morning. I am a wee bit anxious about all this, though I know that from the time I leave on Saturday to the time I arrive home on Sunday will be less than 30 hours. I was hoping for more of a lovely spring weather camping experience vs. a winter survival type thing.

I gave a talk at a law firm last night and had a great time. The format involved having four ladies keep track of their time for a week beforehand, and then me using their logs as a starting point for sharing techniques and group discussion (men can do this too of course, but it was a women’s network event). People seem to like the format, as it ensures the tips are relevant for people in the room, and people are always incredibly curious about their colleagues’ lives. I may start doing more of this type workshop (if anyone reading this is interested!)

My big boys — and I include my husband in that statement — are going to go see Guardians of the Galaxy tonight. I am pretty sure my husband is more excited than the boys. Though, humorously, in the car on the way to school this morning, my 9-year-old said “I don’t know why Dad reads all these reviews of movies before hand. He should just watch it and see what he thinks.” I pointed out that sometimes reviews help you decide whether to see a movie, but my 9-year-old noted that this was a foregone conclusions. So there we go.

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  1. A future post on freelance strategies (including time management) would be much appreciated – I’m currently doing side gigs in addition to my part-time job. Later this year I’ll move states (for my husband’s career) and I’m weighing up options around freelance vs finding a job vs grad school (and part-time combinations of those options!) Having worked in consultancies the thing that worries me most about freelancing is juggling the ‘feast then famine’ nature of work – even with side gigs, I try to plan my time but then one project comes in early, one comes in late and before I know it I’m completely snowed under. But congrats on progress on the next book! I made good progress on goals this week, mainly achieved by ignoring email and blog duties – when you’re on a roll you have to go with it!

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