What I’m into (April edition)

IMG_2986Another month, another what-I’m-into post…

Spring! We first saw our house on March 4, six years ago. That is kind of a desolate time around here. We knew, theoretically, that the house had nice flowers and flowering trees, but only later did we really learn the extent of it. It is fun to watch the seven month flower show begin, going from the daffodils of March to the Michaelmas daisies of October. The tulips are pushing up, the plum trees will go soon. I’m antsy to see if I’ll miss the magnolias while traveling for spring break. I hope not. Because they are absolutely fantastic.

Good boots. People in northern, snowy climes have a saying that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. The kids all have Bogs boots. I had a pair, but my 9-year-old commandeered them (!) so then I bought myself a pair of Muck boots. Both brands are great for rain and deep snow, and are so easy to put on that even the 2-year-old can get them on by himself. Actually, this has turned into somewhat of a problem, as he has decided to start going outside without telling anyone. Yet another reason he has to be watched like a hawk. Anyway, given that winter extended deep into March this year, and the last pile of snow on our driveway just melted, the boots were key.

IMG_2936Garam Masala cauliflower. I found a sheet pan recipe in one of my magazines for chicken with garam masala and cauliflower. I made it a few times, but realized the part I like best is the roast cauliflower. So now I just make that. Cut up a bunch of florets, coat lightly with olive oil, then put on salt and garam masala spice. Roast (at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes), then serve with plain (full-fat!) yogurt. A creamy, tasty way to get another few servings of veggies.

Dobby Be Free Knickers. I now own two pairs of these Athleta running capri-length tights and plan to buy more lest they suddenly decide to stop making them. As the “athleisure” trend takes flight, I find a lot of so-called exercise gear is designed to be worn at the coffee shop if you wish to appear like you’ve just been exercising. So of course the expectation is that you’ll have a cute bag and all that to store your phone, keys, ID, etc. These pants, on the other hand, were designed by someone who actually runs 5+ miles outside. There are two side pockets that can hold a phone in one and gels in the other (if you need fuel during the run) and then a zippered back pocket that can hold your driver’s license and car keys. I may look like a pack mule but the truth is I don’t care what I look like while I’m running.

Brooks running shoes. I bought a new pair of Ghost 9s to replace my Ghost 8s. The reviews online were mixed but I’ve found that every pair I buy feels good running right out of the box. That’s good for keeping up the streak (I just hit 100 days this morning).

The out and back trail. Much of distance running is mental. The upside of the out-and-back trail I sometimes follow along the river is that at the point you decide the distance you’ll be doing, you’ve only done half of it. E.g. you decide to do 7 miles at the point you’ve done 3.5. So you feel pretty good — and then you’ve got to get yourself back to the car somehow, so you suck it up on the back half.

My local library. It just re-opened after a year-plus renovation. I went on Friday and picked out five books for myself ahead of an upcoming spring break trip, and then went back on Saturday with the big kids to get books for them. The children’s librarian was deft with their queries: books for kids just learning to read, books about Minecraft, books on history. She was a bit wide-eyed at the selection. My 9-year-old picked out a book on Kate Middleton (he has been reading my People magazines now that I kind of stopped) AND a “Super bug encyclopedia.”

Our kid-friendly church. My 2-year-old is in an actual Sunday school class, where they do stories and activities and such. When we were looking around years ago, even some places with seemingly a lot of kids just put everyone up to age 5 in a nursery.

Basketball. I watched the semi-finals of the NCAA last night, and will watch the finals Monday night. I quite enjoy basketball (as anyone who’s read The Cortlandt Boys might have guessed).

Blue Moon. Still the beer of choice for sports watching around here.

Sleeping in on weekends. No, the baby is not sleeping any later. But my husband has been traveling way more than I like, meaning I’ve taken the early wake-ups most of the weekdays for the past several weeks. Weekend mornings are my reward.

Actually using the gift certificates I get at silent auctions. I used one at a boutique called Skirt around here today. I made sure to go quickly so it wouldn’t sit in the drawer for years!

7 thoughts on “What I’m into (April edition)

  1. I run in Brooks Ghosts too, love them! Although I might still be on 8s or maybe even (blush) 7s, not having run much in the last 2 years with being pregnant / new mama. Good to hear the new series is still ok!

    1. @Byrd- I was perfectly happy with the existing series but it’s funny how everyone stops making a series after a while. I would think most runners would be perfectly happy to keep buying a product they like, exactly as it is, until the end of time.

  2. When I had a home daycare my husband and I installed chains on the inside doors and eye hooks on the storm doors to ensure the kiddos couldn’t let themselves out.

  3. I went from Asics Gel Nimbus 16 straight to 19! I think there were probably 1000+ miles on that pair . . oh well. The new ones feel like pillows. That said I’m all about ordering an older model online.
    Those boots look super serious.
    Cauliflower is shockingly delicious when roasted!

  4. Have to try the cauliflower. We have had the mildest winter. Only 2 days were below 32 and that was late afternoon. (Winters in the South can be notoriously unpredictable.) As such, we need new spring wear because we never really transitioned into winter clothes. You could buy a coat here for a song. Stores can’t give them away. My youngest child is the Houdini. He’s also the reason we don’t have a coffee table, a ceiling fan, and a whole lot of other things.

  5. If you have time, a much appreciated topic for a future post (or link to past posts) would be how to juggle multiple projects as a freelancer without dropping balls. And/or how not to take on too much in life in general. I seem to have an incredible ability to get overloaded. I’m not stressed out, just annoyed at my ability to start with 5 balls in the air, turn them in 50, and then inevitably drop many… Forward scheduling doesn’t work because things never arrive exactly when they’re meant to. One project runs early, one runs late, a AMAZING opportunity comes up, I lose a day to a cold, and all of a sudden it’s traffic jam central (mixing metaphors here!) I know the usual tips to take deep breaths, prioritize, just say no etc. but I feel like there must be some system or skill that I need to learn to avoid this problem! (It’s time tracking, isn’t it. I really need to get better at time tracking…)

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