The snowy day

img_2571We woke to a massive snowstorm this morning. It’s the first major one of the winter, which has been relatively mild so far. It was actually 63 degrees yesterday. I ran outside with no jacket! My 7-year-old and I threw a football in the backyard for half an hour. Then the temperature dropped steadily overnight. The freezing rain started after midnight, and the snow around 5 a.m. School has been canceled. We will see about some activities planned for later today.

img_2566In the meantime, I attempted snowman-shaped chocolate chip pancakes. They turned out pretty well! No cookie cutters needed. Just make 3 connected pancakes on the griddle, and put the chocolate chips on as eyes, nose, and buttons. Then eat, or post on Instagram first.


5 thoughts on “The snowy day

  1. Meanwhile in the South it’s 72 degrees, but schools are having to close due to flu epidemics. We got the flu shot, but 4 out of the 5 of us still contracted the flu. 🙁

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