Quick dispatch from California

img_2144I’ve been in California this week for Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Next Gen conference. An offshoot from the grown-up Most Powerful Women conference, this one is for people in their 30s and early 40s. I spoke about productivity and have been enjoying participating in everything. Some fun stuff:

A dinner featuring 8 top female chefs, each creating small plates with a paired wine. I had a lot of small plates!

Walking along the beach during a lull between sessions. There is nothing quite like a California beach under the cliffs.

Learning the female version of “man spreading.” Try putting your arm around the back of your chair. It’s one way to take up more space.

Bumping into Tough Mudder and Spartan race champ Amelia Boone in the hotel gym in the morning. I learned she generally gets up to train at 4:30 a.m., and because of that, can do 30 mile training runs and img_2159work full time as a corporate attorney at Apple.

A private concert from Jewel. This was definitely a highlight. I knew her voice was rich and soulful from the old CDs, but live her voice just fills the whole room. So amazing. I spent a fair amount of time listening to her years ago, so getting to experience her voice in a pretty small venue was one of those moments I’d like to tell my 16-year-old self about.

Now it’s back to Philly. I need to try to be productive on the plane…

4 thoughts on “Quick dispatch from California

  1. That’s cool that you met Amelia Boone – I watch the Spartan Races on tv – for myself I have done a warrior dash for the past 3 years. My first race ever was a warrior dash at age 43 and I loved it. I’m currently trying to find how I can run in the am before work without having to go home and take a shower (work is 35 minutes away from home).

    1. @cathy- I am fascinated by her. I want to interview her about how she tolerates pain. Does she try to enjoy the experience? (she mentioned feeling “so alive” in an obstacle race). I was just giggling about lines like “The race isn’t won in the first 12 hours.” Um, I can’t imagine being in a race that takes longer than that!

      Do you have a shower at work? Or a gym you can join that’s in between or near work (even if you don’t exercise there you could use the locker room).

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