More links: Success podcast, plus come see me at the New York Public Library

IMG_1330I have spent seemingly my entire day on the phone with plumbers, people on various sides of an online financial transaction that will not go through, the dentist’s office, a washing machine repair service, etc. On the plus side, I did give a speech this morning, and I went for a run, so the day hasn’t been a total pit of energy-leaching personal to-dos.

I want to share a few links. First, my interview for the Success podcast on the “Daily Habits of the Most Productive People” has become their most popular episode to date! I would appreciate a few more listens and shares.

Second, if you live in the NYC area, please come see me speak on September 13! I will be speaking in the evening at the Science, Industry, and Business Library at Madison & 34th Street. The event is free, but requires pre-registration, which you can do through the link I put in this paragraph.

And in the category of links-about-other-people, here’s an interesting conversation between Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg on creativity that ran on Heleo.

I am also illustrating this post with a photo of my daughter in full Star Wars bad guy regalia. She wore this yesterday when we went to pick up her big brother at book club. She was also wearing pink sneakers. It was a good look.

2 thoughts on “More links: Success podcast, plus come see me at the New York Public Library

  1. I would love to see you speak one day. Hopefully your travels will bring you to the Midwest eventually (Chicago, STL or KC?).

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