Sonnet written after another too-early Saturday morning wake-up

I dream these days of setting an alarm.
At 5 or so a “mama!” cry and call —
keep watch! And keep a toddler safe from harm.
I roust myself and stumble down the hall.

He’s snuggly — just a moment — my reward,
then off he tugs while all the household sleeps.
The kitchen: yogurt? cheese? He’s quickly bored.
The TV’s on, and through the dim light seeps

refrains of “Thomas! He’s the cheeky one!”
I make my coffee, seize that precious sip,
see through the panes the slowly rising sun.
I try to read. In bleariness, I slip

away. “Enjoy these days, they go so fast!”
says someone who forgets these mornings past.

9 thoughts on “Sonnet written after another too-early Saturday morning wake-up

  1. Nice sonnet, though I don’t know where you find the energy to compose it! My 11-month old is also in a phase of waking up between 5 and 5:30 (and also sometimes at 3am). I blame the summer daylight, though feel guilty for wishing for winter.

  2. Its amazing how quickly you forgot. I hadn’t thought about my 3 years of 5 AM wake ups for so long, its hard to imagine it actually happened. Now the 6:30 wake ups on Sunday (and ONLY sunday…I have to wake them up at 7:30 on weekdays!) seem early to me.

  3. Love it! I will say, however, that I’d rather take an early-morning wake-up with a happy toddler than Grade 4/5 girl frenemy drama. Like hands down no question about it. “Little kids, litte (but physically exhausting) problems. Big kids, big (and emotionally draining) problems.” Honestly, I find my baby/almost toddler’s needs so very simple in comparison that it’s almost a joke.

  4. This is good, thanks for sharing. I totally understand and remember (not so fondly) the days of Thomas the Cheeky one (I can still sing the entire theme song if needed). Wait until he is obsessed with Disney Cars or Angry Birds. I’m enjoying the Legos and Super Heroes (mostly Batman) phase right now.

    1. @Anna – “James is vain but lots of fun…” I know, it’s in my head too! We have gone through many obsessions – I tried him on Chuggington this morning and he liked it, so that might introduce some variety…

  5. There is nothing more debilitating to me than these early morning wake-ups (I had one today too, caused by a sudden and weird diaper rash). As a strong introvert (I think you are also introverted too?) it really does a number on me to have to be “on” with another person immediately upon waking. Solidarity, sister! As you are constantly reminding us–which I appreciate–it won’t be forever!

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