Hitting a Q2 goal amid the laundry

IMG_0553My kids all got sick at various points over the past few days. It has not been fun, and there has been a lot of laundry, though one upside was that we got a more low-key weekend than planned due to skipped playdates and sports practices.

One thing I did not skip: my 10-mile training run on Sunday morning. It was sunny and clear, if cold. I had slept better than the illness around me suggested would be possible. I ate 2 waffles to carb up. Jane and I met at 7 A.M. One of my Q2 quarterly goals had been to run 10 10-minute miles and sure enough we did it. And not in some sort of does-this-count way where we averaged under 10 minutes per mile but some were over. Our splits ranged from 9:53 to 9:14.

I guess all that treadmill speed work this winter paid off.

In other news: I am doing a book discussion online Monday at 3 PM eastern here. Feel free to join!

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