A novel for March madness

book_the_cortlandt_boysEvery year around this time, people who are not normally basketball crazy find themselves paying attention to games. I remember when I was in elementary school, and living in Raleigh, N.C., some children brought handheld radios to school on the days of the ACC tournament (more a source of local bragging rights than the NCAA with N.C. State, UNC, and Duke right there). Now, of course, people can watch their phones. For those on desktops, the online component of the NCAA tournament apparently has a boss button you can press to bring up something that looks more work-appropriate on the screen. People get really into this stuff!

I love the sounds and excitement of basketball games. I tried to capture that in the novel I published last year called The Cortlandt Boys.

This is a story of a high school basketball team from a small town in Pennsylvania that unexpectedly wins the state championship with a last second 3-point shot. The ramifications of that shot play out in various ways over the next two decades of their lives, tying them in to this little town that has its ways of not quite letting you go.

I know many readers of this blog are here for my non-fiction, but I honestly think this novel is the best thing I have written. If you have enjoyed my other books, and you are in a basketball mood these days, please consider getting a copy for your e-reader. Here are links to purchase the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the Apple bookstore. Thanks for your support!

8 thoughts on “A novel for March madness

  1. Yes! This is a great read. I would never have picked up this book if I had not already been reading your time management series. The Cortlandt Boys was a captivating and enjoyable break from my usual non-fiction diet.

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