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IMG_0136The good news is that the 1-year-old is usually sleeping through the night. The bad news is that the 4-year-old woke me up at 5 a.m. today because the slippers she elected to sleep in had fallen off her feet. We had a discussion about not calling Mommy unless it is an actual emergency. I could not get back to sleep, so I decided to get up, shower, and work, but as soon as I got out of the shower I heard the baby crying. So it has been a long morning.

In lieu of an essay-style post, here are some random life updates.

The 6-year-old is really and truly reading. He is a curious kid, which was why I found it a little strange that he didn’t start reading until now. Reading lets you find stuff out without having to ask anyone! He was resistant at the start of the year. But now something switched on. I had him read a Pete the Cat book to me the other night and he was able to read almost all the words. Then last night I had him read the first few pages of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs to me and he was zooming through that too. He is very proud of himself, and I am proud of him as well!

The past two days were warm enough to run outside. I have been enjoying my new treadmill workout (as those of you who subscribe to my newsletter read) but oh, is it nice to be out in the fresh air too! Today is warm but rainy so I am back inside.

In terms of Q1 goal updates: I have an idea for a non-fiction book. I am getting some feedback on it now. On the treadmill workout, I have now made it through 1 minute at 9.0 mph after doing the 2 minutes at 6.0, 2 minutes at 7.0, and then 2 minutes at 8.0. I can do longer than 1 minute at 9.0, but not after the three-quarters of a mile at progressively faster speeds. The goal is doing 2 minutes at 9.0 mph after the 6-minute build-up. Re the ‘relationships’ goal, I have a planning meeting this week about the preschool moms party I am hosting in March.

The 8-year-old started drama club a few weeks ago. They are trying out for their play today. He is quite excited about this. I am happy that he has landed in a few activities that he really likes, particularly drama and swimming. He is also taking piano lessons and doing a ski development program on weekends. I am not sure those are quite as big of hits, but we will do them this year and then figure out if we are continuing.

I put all 4 kids in the bath together (the large master bath) last night. This was efficient, though not exactly low-stress. At one point, while I was dealing with the baby, the 6-year-old decided the sides of the tub would make a really good water slide. He hit the bottom of the tub hard. I think he did hurt himself, but he refused to show it because he could tell I was mad.

The 4-year-old is — how shall we put this? — exerting control over her environment. She has a series of foods that must be prepared a certain way. An apple must have a tiny piece cut out of one side, so she can bite in easily to that nick, but she wants the other half of the apple cut into slices. Her frozen waffle must be toasted, then buttered, then stuck in the microwave to have the butter melt properly. Then she wants the crust of the waffle cut off (though she will eat the crust — it just must be separated). If she wants a cheese stick, she wants it cut up in slices, and put in a bowl, but one of the slices must be significantly bigger than the others. It goes without saying that when these specifications aren’t met, there is intense disapproval.

The 1-year-old is really into swords, light-sabers, etc. The older kids ensure there is a large quantity of these around. The other day I was sitting in my office when I heard someone at the glass French doors behind me. I turned around to see my toddler standing there, gaping through the glass, giant plastic sword raised above his head. It would have been a wee bit intimidating were he not, you know, less than 3 feet tall.

10 thoughts on “Random life updates

  1. My 4-year-old (soon to be five) is exactly the same!
    I once saw a tweet that said something like : “Hell hath no furry like a 4-year-old whose grill cheese was cut in squares when he wanted it in triangles.”
    Sort of sums up my sentiments.

    1. @Mary- and heaven forbid you switch the type of bread or cheese. I bought a different brand of sharp cheddar from Costco and I was very worried, but thank goodness it passed muster.

  2. I feel your pain re: preschooler specifications. The now-6-yo has always been pretty mellow about that kind of thing, but her sister is certainly making up for it…

    Also, I was called in the other night around 4am because she lost her Kleenex. Never mind that she could just get a new one from the box right next to her bed. Sigh.

  3. hahaha! YES. I have a 4 year old, too, and we have a LOT of that going on. Also HE has to push the button on the microwave or the whole thing is over and the oatmeal will never be eaten.
    I had to get up at 4 am because I forgot about my first tooth fairy stint. I had the note & money all laid out, then fell asleep on the couch and stumbled upstairs. Woke up 4 am knowing I forgot something…

    1. @Ana – what’s really sad is when the tooth fairy really, really wants to go to bed…but the kid is still up!

      I have been trying to just walk away when the power struggle gets too much. She won’t eat the waffle in front of me if I have prepared it wrong, but if I leave the room, she’ll eat it. Because she wants the waffle, she just doesn’t want me to know it was OK.

  4. Would you please post your treadmill workout or a link to it? I think we are similar as runners, and I would like to try that workout but couldn’t find the exact one online. Thanks!

    1. @K – it was in the print version of the magazine, I haven’t found it online either. It goes like this: 2 min 0% grade, 3.5 mph (I usually make this a touch faster), 2 min 5% grade, 3.5 mph, 2 min 10% grade, 3.5 mph, 2 min 5% grade, 3.5 mph, 2 min 0% grade, 6.0 mph, 2 min 0% grade 7.0 mph, 2 min 0% grade 8.0 mph, 2 min 0% grade, 9.0 mph, 2 min cool down walk. I make it through what I can of the 9.0 mph part, then walk for a minute, then add some more intervals at 9.0 mph (usually 30-60 seconds each, though I’m aiming to get to longer ones!)

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