Baby’s first haircut

photo-446The little dude is almost 11 months old. In addition to being linebacker-sized, his hair has grown at a rapid clip. I was tired of washing cereal out of it. So he got his first haircut yesterday.

He did pretty well. While this photo makes him look pensive or mildly unhappy, he was chill. He didn’t cry. He wasn’t frightened of the stylist. Indeed, he has about zero stranger anxiety, which is kind of fascinating. This is one extroverted baby!

He now looks quite grown up. It’s funny to think, as I write another round of New Year’s related pieces, that a year ago he looked like a photo-448very round belly (see photo). Some things in life don’t change much, but babies do. He’s saying “mama” and “duh-dee” and said something that sounded very much like “dog” when the kiddie salon’s pet pooch darted around during the hair cut. He stares at the Christmas tree with what I can only imagine is the confusion that comes from having no frame of reference. What’s up with my parents that they brought a tree in the house???

In other news: NPR’s Book Concierge chose I Know How She Does It as one of the best books of 2015!

5 thoughts on “Baby’s first haircut

  1. So adorable! My own son is only about a month younger than yours, and needs his first haircut pretty soon! Thanks so much for your books. They’ve made such a difference in my life.

  2. Oh my word, he looks like such a grown-up KID in that photo! Not at all like a baby anymore.

    Maybe it’s all the hair. Or the sitting in a big chair.

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