How successful students spend their time

I am a long way from figuring out my next book (as in a print title). But in the meantime, I’d love feedback on this “information product” idea. I’m considering doing a time diary study of college students earning 4.0 GPAs. How much and when do they study? How much and when do they sleep? Do they work for pay, and if so when and how much? What social options are still available? (I suspect more than we may think!)

I’d likely put this together as an ebook, considering that many young people aren’t in the habit of picking up physical books. Do you think that’s the right format? Or would this be the sort of thing relatives would give as a graduation gift? If I decide to do this, I’d likely start collecting data in the fall, when a higher proportion of students are in full time classes, and I’d be happy to be introduced to students who would qualify. I’d be interested in feedback on any other parameters I should put on the study to make it more useful too. Or if anyone has done something exactly like this!

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  1. Hi,

    I’m currently reading the book “168 hours” and a book that’s centered on students would be amazing. I love the tips from the book, but this just would not apply to a student (I can’t outsource my housework cause I just can’t afford that).

    As for the format: PDF, EPUB, MOBI… I always prefer e-book to hard-copy, because I always have my phone on me. A book, might be something I forget at home.

    Thanks for writing the books, they’re all very inspirational.


  2. This sounds really interesting! Self-help for college guides has def soared in popularity recently and I think a glance at actual students’ time logs would be much more helpful than “study tips from a middle aged person who hasn’t set foot on a college campus for 30 hours years.”

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