A different berry season

photo-365Strawberry season has come and gone. The berry season is short! Fortunately, fruit ripens in sequence all summer and the raspberries and peaches are prime for picking. The kids don’t have camp this week so Thursday featured a visit to the local pick-your-own farm.

As soon as rush hour was over, we got on the highway and drove there. We convinced the farm to give us a tractor ride, even though the peaches were right across the street from the check-in spot. The photo-366kids did quite well with the peaches. They were low to the ground and large. They did a bit less well with the raspberries. You had to stick your hand deep into the bushes for those, and the bushes were prickly. There was some whining toward the end, making me glad I’m not relying on my children to harvest the crops on a subsistence farm. Nonetheless, we had a good time, and now have a lot of fruit to consume. Fresh fruit is a great excuse to whip up some homemade whipped cream.

photo-367In other berry-season-is-short news, I went to our local Barnes & Noble this afternoon. I’d wandered around the aisles a few years ago when I was trying to come up with inspiration for my next book. And now, here is that book, nicely displayed in the personal development section.

I have an 8-year-old book club and pool party planned for this weekend, plus a long run. We may make it to the beach again. We shall see! I hope everyone has a great weekend — right now at the midpoint of summer.


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