The mosaic has many tiles

IMG_3155It has been quite a week. I have enjoyed talking with different audiences about I Know How She Does It, including to a full crowd (100+ tickets!) at Henri Bendel last night. Farnoosh Torabi (see photo) and I talked women, time, and money. People sipped Champagne and shopped.

Then I got on the train and came home. It was a longer ride than it should have been, and I got home at 11 p.m., desperately needing to pump. I was asleep around 11:45, and then up at 5:45 with the baby. The other boys got up fairly early, but fortunately the 3-year-old did not, because she couldn’t have anything by mouth before her eye surgery, scheduled at 8:25 a.m.

This is our second round of eye surgery with her. The first correction seemed to work for a while, and then it didn’t. Originally her surgeon had planned to operate on both eyes today, but it looks like she’s able to focus with one, so we were less aggressive and did one eye, and we hope that with glasses she’ll be able to see decently and look normal.

Having your child go under general anesthesia is never a fun experience. Such are the tiles in my mosaic right now: signing my name and date on dozens of books last night, and signing my name and date on medical release forms this morning. My daughter was very brave. She is slowly recovering and is doing relatively well, considering. It was easier this time than her surgery two years ago. At least this time we could talk to her and explain things, and she was mollified with popsicles and presents (a Hello Kitty doll and a My Little Pony). Here’s hoping she’ll feel better soon and it will be a calm weekend.

In other news: Thanks to people who’ve written reviews on book retailer sites. I really appreciate it. Especially the review on Amazon from the lawyer who said she was requesting that her firm buy the book for all the associates! I heartily endorse bulk sales! If your organization is considering them, my publisher can help you find a retailer with a good volume discount.

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