The upside of running in the morning

I normally run during the afternoon. But this week I’ve been commuting downtown to record my audio book during business hours. So I decided to meet my new running buddy for a short run this morning before I needed to report to the studio. We squeezed in 40 minutes before I had to battle the traffic on I-76.

After I got out of the recording studio around 4 p.m., and battled traffic home, I tried to figure out what I should do with the half hour I still had childcare. I didn’t have much energy, and yet my first thought was “oh, I should go for a run” — because it’s something I need childcare to do (whereas I can answer emails while the kids are around).

But then, of course, I remembered that I’d already gone for a run. The upside of exercising first is that then you’ve done it. There’s no need to argue with yourself, or try to squeeze it in as your energy wanes. If I hadn’t already written a book about What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, I think this insight might inspire me to write it again!

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