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photo-250If you read this blog daily, perhaps you’ve never thought “hey, I’d love to read even more of Laura’s musings!” But if you have, a quick update on one of my book projects.

The Cortlandt Boys, my novel, is in the final stages of the ebook production process and will most likely start showing up at major retailers next week. Just in time for the holidays, and at the stocking stuffer price of $4.99! You can give ebooks as gifts; Amazon, for instance, lets you send one to anyone with an email address. The person doesn’t need a Kindle; she can download the Kindle reader app to her computer/device and read in her browser. Perhaps you’ll also want to purchase a copy for yourself. I had the fun experience of downloading the book to my own Kindle today (see art) and reading it and seeing how the words and art looked in their crisp and final form. I’ll send out an email as soon as the links are ready, so please sign up for my newsletter if you’d like to be alerted. There’s a spot to enter your email address on the top of this website.

As for the book formerly known as Mosaic, and then as Their Own Sweet Time, it went into copy-editing this week and will be out around June 9, 2015. Some noodling still going on with title and cover. There will be another update on this soon. Thanks for reading!



15 thoughts on “Book updates

    1. @The Frugal Girl – oh it does. Now if we can just get a final title and art for the Mosaic/Their Own Sweet Time/Something book…

  1. So my response to your first sentence was – “yes of course I want to read more of your musings.” After hearing about this book project on the blog I’m excited to finally be able to read it! Congratulations.

  2. Congrats! For those of us stubbornly refusing to enter the 21st century and still prefer paper books–will there be a way for us to purchase the book?

    1. @EB – good question. It will kind of depend on the response and sales of the ebook, which is a way of testing the market.

  3. I’m so excited for you! I was one of the beta readers for The Cortlandt Boys, so it’s really cool to hear that it’s finally being released. It’s a great story!

    1. @Sarah – thanks. I’d like to think it’s gotten better since then! I hired a few pro editors to work on it and got great suggestions from beta-readers too. It has been quite a process, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

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