Weekend highlights

photo-226It was another great October weekend, with fantastic fall weather. A few highlights:

*Two amazing runs. I’d had a lousy run on Friday, which is disconcerting to a third trimester runner. Is this the sign that it isn’t going to work anymore? But I soon realized that lousy run had more to do with spending the previous night on a plane from Rio and lugging my carry-on through several airports over the previous 18 hours. The runs I did on Saturday and Sunday morning were amazing. I’ll have a post later this week on that topic.

*We walked around Morris Arboretum again. The kids love the giant birds’ nest/squirrel scramble that you can climb in. That, combined with a run, got me to 20,000 steps on Sunday.

*I sat in church with my 7-year-old, and he was reasonably well-behaved. The sermon was on stewardship, and I asked what he remembered, but it wasn’t about giving per se. He remembered the story the pastor told about Ruby Bridges, the little girl who integrated the New Orleans schools in the early 1960s. I imagine this is because she was roughly his age then, which is kind of stunning to think of parents brave enough to send their child into that. We talked about what it would be like to walk to school with guards because people were screaming at you.

*My husband carved pumpkins with the kids. Only the 5-year-old was truly up for pulling the pumpkin gunk out of the gourds.

*We went to two Halloween parties. The biggest one was The Monster Mash at the Please Touch Museum. Since my mother-in-law is visiting us now, I assigned each adult a child, and we were each responsible for that child all night. This made navigating the crowds and the different exhibits much more pleasant. Each kid could go at his/her own pace. But we all made sure to stop at the Hess exhibit and get what they handed out to trick-or-treaters: toy trucks that were carrying a toy space shuttle. How awesome is that?

*My husband, mother-in-law, and I sat outside around the fire pit after the kids went to bed on Saturday night. Having the equivalent of a campfire in the backyard feels a bit rustic, and reminds me why we left NYC.

*My mother-in-law’s seafood casserole. Yum.

2 thoughts on “Weekend highlights

  1. All in all, sounds like a wonderful weekend!

    I’m impressed that you’re still able to do regular runs even in the third trimester! I found keeping my regular routine through the first and second was a huge challenge.

    And the Please Touch museum sounds pretty awesome.

    1. @Revanche -the Please Touch Museum is awesome. It has filled many a rainy/snowy day for my kids over the years…

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