This week’s articles; what I’m working on

My interview with Sylvia Ann Hewlett ran at Fast Company this week.

I also interviewed Keith Ferrazzi on how to transform online connections into real ones.

For next week, I’m working on a few pieces. One is on how to become a Pinterest star. If you’re on it and have a following, I’d love to talk with you about what people respond to. Also what are the advantages to spending time on that social media channel? Everything has an opportunity cost, so is it worth it?

I’m also working on a piece on morning meetings vs. afternoon meetings. If you had a choice, when would you prefer to schedule a meeting? And is the answer different for different kinds of meetings?

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4 thoughts on “This week’s articles; what I’m working on

  1. In my department, I only scheduled staff meetings in the morning. We are a department of 10, and we seem to do much better in the a.m.

    The worst time for ANY meeting? The afternoon before a long weekend. Bah!

  2. Definitely prefer late morning for staff meetings because everyone is still fresh and there’s still time in the afternoon to tackle some of the tasks that emerge from the meeting. And if there’s something contentious to cover, it’s miserable doing that into late afternoon/evening if the meeting runs over. Major large group meetings that I am facilitating? Those are better 2-4ish so that we still have the morning for last minute prep. Our stakeholders/partners like them because they can go home directly after 🙂

  3. I am not on Pinterest yet because my phone Blackberry 9320 doesn’t support it but I’d love to become a Pinterset Star one day and also I’d love to know the advantages of spending time thereof.

  4. About meeting times, can’t say which one’s better – mornings are when we are most energetic and clearest in our heads, and meetings don’t seem like the best use for that. But afternoon meetings can often lead to wasted time in anticipation of the meetings. I would suggest limiting meetings to 2 days a week, if possible. I wish I could – at my job right now, not happening 😉

    BTW – I bought Sylvia Ann Hewlett’s book as an audiobook for my next flight after reading your FastCompany article.


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