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We’ve got 50 degree weather here in suburban PA today, so the snow is melting at a rapid clip. I even saw bare ground yesterday! Granted, it was in a direct sunlight spot that was also near some trees (so the snow hadn’t fallen as think) but still. Progress! It may snow next week but we’ll deal with that when it happens. I was able to run outside for the first time in ages, and that felt wonderful. I have high hopes to do so this weekend, too.

Here are a few links to stuff I’ve been writing elsewhere. I had a column last week in USA Today called “What Manicures, Science Have in Common.” I also had a column this week in USA Today called “Nurture Olympic Students” suggesting that we make as big a fuss about academic achievement as athletic achievement.

Over at City Journal, I reviewed the book Self-Help Messiah, a biography of Dale Carnegie, author of How to Win Friends and Influence People. The review is called “The Story of America Itself.

At Fast Company, I continue to blog roughly 3 times per week. I recently wrote A Valentine’s Day piece on 6 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Job All Over Again. I looked at 6 Ways To Look Great On a Video Call. The awful angle where the webcam is looking up people’s noses is a personal pet peeve. And finally, a piece on How to Stop Wasting Your Intern’s Potential and Get Your Own Coffee.

I continue to work on the Mosaic project, and welcome additional time logs! I also love seeing what various people’s schedules look like. You can read a post over at Wandering Scientist about her schedule.  The blog MommyinMC also looks at that consultant’s weekly schedule.

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  1. Just had a quick look at Snarky Cloud’s time log (and yes, Snarky Cloud would definitely be a great name for a band) – had to laugh at the bit about Monster Spray, as I used to use that, too! (Mummy, why does it smell like flowers? Because monsters hate flowers.) Strange that the Monster Spray lost its magical powers at about the same time Son No.2 learned to read (Mummy, why does the Monster Spray say Tesco Air Freshener on it? You said it was magic…)
    Enjoy your weekend, and your outdoor run, Laura.

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