Round-up: Toilet paper tube art

I came home from my birthday dinner last night to discover that my children (with adult supervision) had gone all crafty in my absence. This art is made with toilet paper tubes (or a wrapping paper tube sliced into sections), covered in construction paper. Pinterest-worthy, perhaps?

There is not much else to report in this round-up. It was my birthday this week. I love birthdays in the Facebook era as hundreds of good wishes piled into my inbox. It reminded me that I should click on that icon more often to keep on top of wishing other people happy birthdays.

3 thoughts on “Round-up: Toilet paper tube art

  1. Happy birthday! Cool crafts. I almost never do crafts with my kids- it is just not my parenting strength. I’m so glad there are other people in my kids’ lives who can fill that void!

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