What would you do with $656 million?

Ok, I finally had to jump on the lotto bandwagon. The $656 million question is, of course, just a slightly more rooted question than the main premise of All the Money in the World. If you had all the money in the world, not literally, but all you wanted, what would you change about your life?

I don’t think much would change in my personal life. I have this vision of traveling more, which perhaps would have to be done Jolie-Pitt style with a nanny for each child. But honestly, that would require a lot less than $656 million to pay for a handful of extra people to travel for 4-6 weeks each year. It would require a fair amount of cash, but an earthbound sum. If I honestly wanted that to become a financial goal, I suppose, over time, I could make it one.

So, instead, one has to look broader. I think, with $656 million, I would become more focused on investing in small businesses and commissioning art in various forms. Music, works of narrative non-fiction and perhaps investigative reporting. The small business investing would probably mean becoming involved in an angel investor group, but then we start getting into the question of time. I’m not sure I’d have time to serve on various boards right now.

What about you? What would you do with the $656 million? Did you start thinking about it over the weekend?


6 thoughts on “What would you do with $656 million?

  1. I would get a travel nanny or more nanny like backup care but it would require as much time as money …. and even then not sure i could have found what Iwas looking for

    1. @Cara- I was thinking about vacation homes, but I don’t want to spend my time managing a property. So I’d have to hire someone, but then I’d be managing them… Time is truly the limiting resource…

  2. Heh, we even bought a ticket and were disappointed to find out that we didn’t win 😉

    I’d quit my job and figure out something I wanted to study for fun. We’d also buy a second home somewhere warm.

  3. 1. Invest a couple of million so I never had to work again – live off the interest NOT the capital.
    2. Buy somewhere lovely – though not ostentatious – to live.
    3. Invest in a business so I had something gainful to do with my time. I’d like a community / arts centre.
    4. Get on with helping 100 people for my Help100 project – except I could help an awful lot more people with all that cash!

    1. @Jennifer – nice! I am very curious what “nice” but “not ostentatious” winds up meaning…

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