Are you writing that holiday letter?

My husband and I have been working on our annual family letter (he wrote the first draft!) I always joke in my speeches that the holiday letter is a pretty wretched genre of literature, but it serves a purpose. It reminds you of what has happened in your life, and when written in a prospective fashion (for next year) it keeps you focused on your big goals. When you know your big goals, you can break them down into doable chunks, and plan your weekly or daily schedule around those aspirations.

So what are you aiming for in 2012? 2011 brought a number of big personal events for me (an interstate move, a new baby) that I’d probably not like to repeat in 2012. In the absence of new babies, however, I could set athletic goals. So I’m pondering what those should be. I’d like to bring All The Money In The World to a wide audience, and try out the ebook genre with What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. I’d like to finish a draft of the novel I’m working on. Now that we’re settling into our new home, I’d like to put down some more roots here. I’ve enjoyed becoming involved in Jasper’s school (I joined a new parents’ group which has become somewhat like group therapy for me) and I’m making new friends. I’d like to make more and figure out what this area has to offer. It already seems like quite a lot.

I’d love to hear things you’re including in your 2011 letter (if you’re writing one) and things you might put, now, in one for 2012.

4 thoughts on “Are you writing that holiday letter?

  1. I love holiday letters. Many years, mine is a New Year letter (the year my dad died, it was a Groundhog’s Day letter). I started my blog shortly after last year’s letter. I’ll also be including two trips (including one we’re taking this month, so it will be a late letter again this year) and meeting my weight loss goal if I can find a way to put it in that’s celebratory (maybe just a photo and let people figure it out for themselves).

    For 2012, there will be a trip to Ireland (yipee!), some writing news if it’s at a point that I’m ready to declare publicly, and selling the cabin.

  2. This year I planned one daughters wedding and helped the other daughter get ready to go abroad for a year. Best of all, I got control of my eating habits and lost 15 pounds. (nothing like the prospect of wedding pictures to motivate you)
    Hopefully in 2012 I will get better control of my time so I can exercise more and read more. Also I will hopefully have passed a certification test for my nursing specialty. (And maybe a trip abroad to visit daughter)
    Laura, I’m a faithful blog reader and looking forward to reading your new book.

    1. @Empty Nest: Thanks so much for reading my blog regularly. I really appreciate it, and I hope you’ll find the next book worthwhile too. Sounds like you’ve got a great 2012 planned!

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