Welcome to the new website!

We are migrating here from the old version of My168Hours.com. Please note that the main blog posts are now going up at www.my168hours.com/main vs. www.my168hours.com/blog. The comments will migrate over later today. I hope you enjoy the new look!

One thought on “Welcome to the new website!

  1. So far I like the look of the new website, but am having trouble navigating. The original site had links directly back to the most recent posts. On this site you have to click back on “the blog” and then scroll down to find the one you want. I kind of liked the old way of seeing all responses at once, rather than individual responses to each post, so I could see which ones were recently added w/o having to scroll through them all again. I’m figuring this is how most blogs operate (I only follow 168Hours) and I will get used to it.

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