Round-Up: 100 Dreams, Brand You and Eating Lunch At Your Desk

This week over at BNET, I tackled a few questions. First, if you are a telecommuter, as a growing number of us are today, how do you create space between “work” and “life?” One solution, as I wrote, is to give yourself a “commute” of sorts — taking the last 15 minutes before you’re expected home to unwind, read the paper, or even walk around outside if you can get out of your home office without other people seeing you. I find it quite difficult to take my own advice on this one, as I am always trying to send one more email before quitting time. But I definitely think it’s worth the mental health boost.

Here’s another question: if you are a creative worker, operating a “Brand You” type business where what you are selling is yourself, how can you scale up? I still like my Rembrandt analogy (click on the link in the last sentence to read the post), though this was a low-traffic post for some reason. Apparently, I need to write more about the gender wars or Glenn Beck to get the comments flying 🙂

I was quoted as an expert source in USA Today, for Kim Painter’s column “Don’t Spend All Your Time At The Office.” Especially as more people are brown bagging it these days, it is very tempting to eat breakfast and lunch at your desk. I actually do that most days — not because I’m trying to show someone how hard I’m working (see telecommuting, above) but just for efficiency’s sake. But I do try to step away at other times, to get a work out in, for instance.

And remember the List of 100 Dreams? Over at the Inspired! blog, Jen P revisits her list of 100 dreams that she created a while ago, and reports on how they’re coming. Some better than others, but life changes, we change, and that’s how these things go.


2 thoughts on “Round-Up: 100 Dreams, Brand You and Eating Lunch At Your Desk

    1. @JenP- thank you! And how awesome that so many of your dreams are coming true. You’re inspiring me as well. I need to update my list one of these days. Some stuff is getting done… and some stuff is evolving.

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