168 Hours Challenge Sept 13-19: Win a Make-over and Earn $100

All right, 168 Hours readers. It’s that time again. We’re back to school (without the back-to-crazy, of course, per today’s Webinar). So now it’s time to log our hours, and see if they add up to the way we’d like our lives to look.

I’ll be posting my time logs here from Sept 13-Sept 19. You can join me and take the 168 Hours Challenge by down-loading a time log here. (You can also just keep a time log in a little notebook or in a word doc if you prefer). I will be giving away a book a day during the week for people who do one of several things:

  • Post a comment here with their time log (or a summary)
  • Post a comment on Facebook (either at the 168 Hours fan page, or on your own feed – just tag the book or me so I see it)
  • Post a comment on Twitter (#168Hours)
  • Email me ([email protected]) about how the time log is going.
  • Post your time log on your own website (email me for a heads-up)

At the end of the week, I’ll also choose one participant for a time make-over (similar to the three in Chapter 9 of 168 Hours). Email me if you’re interested in being considered for that. We’ll strategize some ideas, and then later this month, you’ll write a guest post about how it’s going. In exchange for the guest post (because hey, your time is valuable!), you’ll get a $100 Amazon gift card.

Keeping a time log is not complicated, but it does require a bit of commitment. Doing this together will keep us accountable to each other. I hope you’ll join me, and please spread the word.


4 thoughts on “168 Hours Challenge Sept 13-19: Win a Make-over and Earn $100

  1. I just came across your blog and will give the challenge a try! I started this morning and am already surprised to realize how many different things I’ve done. I think it might be partially because I’m writing it down.

  2. OMgoodness do I need your help! I jump from thing to thing with being a Mom to 2 young kids, wearing 2 professional hats and feeling like I never get ahead of the ball. I will give your method a try because I feel like I’m drowning. My physical and computer desktop is a covered mess! Thank you.

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