“The best book on time management I’ve ever read”

That’s the verdict from life coach Tim Brownson (according to a post on Alisa Bowman’s Project Happily Ever After blog). Tim wrote a full review on his own site, A Daring Adventure. Among my favorite quotes:

Seldom these days does a book on self-development blow me away. I’m not sure whether that’s a product of reading hundreds of them and little seems new to me any more, or it may just be because I’m a bitter old cynic. For various reasons …[he lists various books] …have all been recently started with the intention of reviewing here, but then put down before the end because I was either not enjoying them or getting no discernible benefit. The same cannot be said for Laura Vanderkam’s excellent book ‘168 Hours You Have More Time Than You Think.’

Tim goes on to joke about my admission that I have over 30,000 emails in my inbox and don’t care. “That’s right, a productivity expert that doesn’t file her e-mails Heresy! Call the Productivity Police now and let’s string her up now!” I really like the idea of the Productivity Police.

Perhaps there should also be a Clutter Police — they might string me up too, but at least Lorie Marrero of The Clutter Diet enjoyed 168 Hours! Over at her blog, Marrero chronicles how she kept a time log for a week. As she writes:

I would like to challenge everyone to keep a time log for at least one week– it is very eye-opening! It forces you to examine where your time actually goes, and it also makes you more focused on what you’re doing.

My thoughts exactly.

Another great testimonial came via Elizabeth Simon Feldman’s Kicking the Moon blog. Feldman writes:

I am a voracious, but picky reader and in order for me to spend time reading something, it better be worth it. This book was worth every minute. It is well-organized, and smartly written with practical tips and tools to make the most of the time you have.

Finally, Modern Mom ran a guest post from me called “The No Housework Week,” on how to get your cooking and cleaning chores done in the least amount of time (usually by just not doing them). The piece was highlighted on the front page and sent out to Modern Mom’s 37,000 Twitter followers, so thanks to them for the great opportunity to get the word out.


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