First Friday Book Synopsis and 168 Hours

Thanks to the folks over at First Friday Book Synopsis for sharing some questions from 168 Hours on how to find the right job!

One of my favorite is a gut-check one: if someone offered you a windfall to never do the “stuff” of your current job again, how would you feel about that? Like a real windfall. Let’s say $400 million. Would you take it?

I’m guessing that 99.99% of humanity would say yes, so the real question is: would you be grieving despite your ability to buy the San Diego Padres?

If you’d be bummed, then congrats! You’re in the right job.

2 thoughts on “First Friday Book Synopsis and 168 Hours

  1. I am confident that I can complete my Five Star review of 168 Hours by Monday (because I have more time than I think) and will then post it at Amazon’s US, UK, and Canadian Websites.

    I will also post several abbreviated reviews and commentaries that focus on your core concepts at other Web sites.

    Congratulations on a brilliant achievement!

    Best wishes and warmest regards.

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