Welcome to My 168 Hours!

This will be the future site of the blog based on Laura Vanderkam’s forthcoming book, 168 Hours (Portfolio, 2010). Please check back for more updates as we build the site. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about Laura or the project, please visit LauraVanderkam.com

2 thoughts on “Welcome to My 168 Hours!

  1. Like your book; but those of us who live in the country and work in the city don’t have all the options you spoke of; but definitely like the book. I did my 168 hour time study: Sleep 52 hours; Self care 5.5 hours; Leisure 17 hours; commute 13 hours; Chores 1.5 hours; eating 1.5 hours; work 58 hours. Next to do is my dream list.

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