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The internship skill I use daily

It’s intern season, which means that offices everywhere are filled with an uncharacteristic number of young people seeing what office life is all about. No wonder record numbers of young people want to start their own businesses! In all seriousness, I did a number of internships back in the day at media outlets. I still write for two of them (Fortune and USA… read more »

Would you want to be two places at once?

Kamy Wicoff, the founder of, and a writer herself, recounts a moment of inspiration for her new novel Wishful Thinking. “I remember at one point I was late for pick-up, I had my bag on my shoulder, I was carrying a violin and running, but not like running in a metaphorical sense. I’m actually running.” It soon became a scene: the heroine, Je… read more »

Launch day fun

Just a quick post about launch day events. I went into NYC yesterday to chat with Angela Jia Kim at a Savor the Success event. We talked time management, ambition, and letting go of stuff that doesn’t matter. The audience was great. This photo is of the two of us, and here’s one down a ways in this post of me signing books. I also got to toast the release… read more »

What I love about what I do

Last night I attended the Robert Novak Fellows award dinner. This program awards fellowships to young journalists to undertake big projects, generally on topics of interest to a right-of-center audience. If people are looking for trend ideas, two of the winners proposed projects related to prison and criminal justice reform. This cause is getting surpr… read more »

The book vs. the proposal

One of the things I love about what I do is that I get to see things through from start to finish. The boxes of hard-bound I Know How She Does It copies are here. I also found the proposal in my desk drawer. It is interesting to see what changes when you go from idea to realized product. What changed: The title. Long time blog readers know that this book went through abo… read more »