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What I learned from recording the audio version of my next book

I spent the past several days recording the audio version of I Know How She Does It. It was a fun experience. It was also a swift one! We were scheduled to go through Friday, but finished Thursday afternoon. This was great, because it was both the director and the recording engineer’s birthdays (what kind of amazing coincidence was that?) We celebrated with w… read more »

100 days in with a new(ish) habit

I just started a new journal on Sunday. The previous notebook took me a full 3 years to fill, mostly because there are multi-month gaps. Indeed, I wrote nothing from May 2013 to March 2014. I kept sporadic notes over the next few months. I took my journal to the beach in August 2014, recorded a few days, then dug the journal out of an unpacked bag from the beach in… read more »

In it for the long haul

In my post on being creative on demand, I mentioned the goal of getting to a place where most of your work is stuff that challenges and satisfies you. Today I want to elaborate on building a career that lets you be in it for the long haul. LeUyen Pham, the artist who I mentioned in that post, had told me for What the Most Successful People Do at Work that when her friend… read more »

My advice for a first-time book author, and not about the writing part

Dear first-time author: Congrats on your book contract! This is a major accomplishment. You’re no doubt nervous about writing a 75,000 word manuscript over the next 6-9 months, and you’ll get all kinds of advice on that. This post is about the other part. The marketing part. Between now and when your book comes out 18 months from now, you will need to learn… read more »

What a lark! What a plunge!

I’ve been on a real Virginia Woolf kick this weekend. I finished Adeline on Friday night (a Norah Vincent novel that’s out in about a week; Virginia Woolf is the protagonist). I realized I’d never read The Hours, which is Michael Cunningham’s novel that spins off of Mrs. Dalloway. I started reading that on Saturday while everyone was otherwise occup… read more »