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What I love about what I do

Last night I attended the Robert Novak Fellows award dinner. This program awards fellowships to young journalists to undertake big projects, generally on topics of interest to a right-of-center audience. If people are looking for trend ideas, two of the winners proposed projects related to prison and criminal justice reform. This cause is getting surpr… read more »

The book vs. the proposal

One of the things I love about what I do is that I get to see things through from start to finish. The boxes of hard-bound I Know How She Does It copies are here. I also found the proposal in my desk drawer. It is interesting to see what changes when you go from idea to realized product. What changed: The title. Long time blog readers know that this book went through abo… read more »

Life right now: Reading Virginia Woolf on the sidelines at soccer practice

As the weather warms, weekends have taken on a certain fullness around here. Spring sports are still going, so we had 3 swim lessons, two soccer games, and one baseball game this weekend. The big kids went to a play, and my 7-year-old had a playdate and even a book club meeting on Friday night (yes, really! A mom organized a group of friends to get together and disc… read more »

StoryWorth: Living well is the best revenge

Earlier in the week, I mentioned that I was guest judging StoryWorth’s Mother’s Day essay contest. I’m happy to share news of the winner, a tale by Naomi F. of her grandmother, Marie Pinney. Her grandmother was quite a glamorous woman as you can see by this photo, and a brave one too. Her marriage dissolved in the early 1940s, but she embraced being a singl… read more »

Contest: What are some stories from your mother’s life that inspire you?

A few weeks ago I posted that my family and I were using StoryWorth. This is a service that asks designated relatives (generally the older ones) questions, shares their answers with a private email list, and keeps an archive. While there’s nothing about this that you couldn’t do on your own, the truth is that most people don’t. I’ve learned more about… read more »