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Easing back in

Last week at the beach went slowly. This is neither complaint nor marveling. We filled the days, and memories, both good and bad, make time stretch in retrospect. I was also awake a lot, so in that sense, I experienced more of my 168 hours than normal. That is one way to make a vacation last longer. I know by this point that vacations in the toddler stage are not goin… read more »

Time strategy #4: Satisfice

Back in 2011, when we learned that our third kid was on the way, my husband and I decided to cast our real estate sights beyond our already crowded New York City apartment. While much of my industry is in NYC, I seldom have to be there more than once a week. My husband is a consultant and often travels to clients. In other words, we didn't have to live anywhere.… read more »

Peaks and troughs and the upside of space

I've done a lot of public speaking over the years, but this is the first year I've been more disciplined about marketing myself and scheduling a certain number of speeches per month. In doing so, however, I have realized that "per month" is the wrong way to look at the rhythm of this line of work. The conference and event season is incredibly cyclical. March thro… read more »

The working stay-at-home mom

In the usual narrative about women's life choices, you are "working" or "staying at home." These are discrete identities. They are sometimes cast as ideologically opposed, if people feel like drumming up the mommy wars (and its clicks and comments). While the broad trend over two generations has been an increase in women in the workforce, there have been oc… read more »

How we really live now

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the American Time Use Survey last Friday. This annual survey has thousands of Americans talk through how they spent the previous day, rolling over the entire year. This ingenious methodology cuts down on a few problems that plague other time surveys. BLS researchers don't ask about any specific category of time… read more »