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The planned vs. the serendipitous: On writing the 2017 performance review now

Part of time management is making time for one's priorities. The problem is that it's not always clear what those priorities are, or else we have many priorities and have trouble figuring out what's good to do next. So in workshops, I like to have people do an exercise that involves performance reviews. Across the corporate universe, people are now engaged in… read more »

5 ways to hold the line at 40 hours

While many people think of a full-time job as 40 hours a week, white collar jobs can vary wildly in their requirements. In the past, there has often been little accountability, one way or the other. New labor regulations, however, are drastically changing who must be paid overtime for clocking more than 40 hours/week. The salary threshold used to be around $2… read more »

20 miles along the Lehigh Gorge

People who have heard me speak (or read 168 Hours) know I often tell the story of where I first heard the line that "I don't have time" means "it's not a priority." When I tried to get in touch with an extremely busy woman (small business, 6 kids, etc.!) to set up an interview on a Thursday morning, she was not available to speak with me. Of course, right? But the reaso… read more »

The TED experience

So it has been quite a day. I did not make it through the whole thing to the bitter end -- so, alas, I only got to hear Taylor Dayne sing once today. But anyway, my TED talk went great! I was up early to be to hair and make-up by 6:45. After getting my full-on fake eyelashes (supposedly they look good on camera) I got my oh-so-TED face microphone, and then went on stage as… read more »

TED Prep

I will be speaking at TEDWomen next week Thursday. This is the main TEDWomen conference in San Francisco, which features a large, live (sold out!) audience, and will be broadcast to many TEDxWomen events around the world. The theme, "It's about time," is near to my heart. The line-up of other speakers is...well, it's fun to be the least famous person on st… read more »