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What I love about what I do

Last night I attended the Robert Novak Fellows award dinner. This program awards fellowships to young journalists to undertake big projects, generally on topics of interest to a right-of-center audience. If people are looking for trend ideas, two of the winners proposed projects related to prison and criminal justice reform. This cause is getting surpr… read more »

Faulty work/life narrative 1: If you have a big job, you will never see your kids

Like any commonly-shared experience, parenting is prone to sentimentality. Sentimentality often leads to non-critical thinking. People spout lines that sound like hard-won truths but, upon closer examination, the “truth” part is debatable. This week, ahead of Mother’s Day, I’m examining a few of these faulty narratives. (Requisite self-p… read more »

Bad conference behavior: Don’t do it!

I’m on my way to the American Society of Journalists and Authors conference later this week (#ASJA2015 – let me know if you’ll be there!) I go most years. As with any conference, I’ve figured that what I get out of it is a function of what I put into it, and so I’ve been sure to get clear on my goals: 1. Finding new stories and topics to write about 2. Sha… read more »

Money lesson 1: Live within your means. There are two ways to do that.

It’s money week on the blog, with an emphasis on money lessons I’d like to pass along to my kids. Of the various financial advice out there, what do I think is most important? I’ve been pondering this, and I do keep coming back to the oft-repeated wisdom of living within your means. As long as you have at least a mid-level income, if you live within your means… read more »

In it for the long haul

In my post on being creative on demand, I mentioned the goal of getting to a place where most of your work is stuff that challenges and satisfies you. Today I want to elaborate on building a career that lets you be in it for the long haul. LeUyen Pham, the artist who I mentioned in that post, had told me for What the Most Successful People Do at Work that when her friend… read more »