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Back-after-maternity-leave hacks, from an evening with Lauren Smith Brody

Regular blog readers/podcast listeners will recall that Sarah and I welcomed Lauren Smith Brody as a guest on Best of Both Worlds a few weeks ago. She is the former executive editor of Glamour magazine (where she was responsible for the Women of the Year awards), and is the author of the book The Fifth Trimester. The idea behind the Fifth Trimester is that the fi… read more »

The art of winter back-up plans

I woke this morning to a 2-hour school delay. It's getting to be a Tuesday tradition around here! But other than some mild trepidation about whether my 3-year-old would tear the house apart while I was outside shoveling the driveway, I am relatively relaxed about it. This has not always been the case. But I feel like I've reached a pretty good place on winter wea… read more »

Podcast discussion thread: The “fifth” trimester – those first weeks back at work

You know about the first three trimesters -- how some people demarcate the 9 months babies spend in the womb. Some people refer to the "fourth trimester," which would be the first 12 weeks when newborns are still adjusting to life on the outside. They become a lot more alert after that...but of course that's when many women in the U.S. return to work. Enter the "f… read more »

Reader question: How should I approach a shifting work-from-home schedule?

From time to time, I run reader questions on this blog. I'm also always looking for listener questions for the podcast! Today's question comes from Harmony Smith,* who runs the blog Creating My Kaleidoscope. She has five children, including 6-month-old twins. Her husband cares for the children while Harmony works. She had been working as a "normal" attorn… read more »

Podcast discussion: “But I thought the school years would be easier from a childcare perspective!”

Episode 11 of Best of Both Worlds went live yesterday! This episode features the fabulous Prof. Siobhan Brady of UC Davis. We chose Siobhan as our first guest both because she is happily combining a big job at a major research institution and a family, and also because she is Sarah's former running buddy. Hence she was unlikely to get mad at us if we flubbed up our… read more »