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Navigating the transition back to work (or the virtue of not making huge decisions while sleep deprived)

I recently got an email from a reader I’ll call Danielle. She was reading I Know How She Does It, and reached out for advice about her situation. She’s the mom of a 4-month-old daughter, and she recently went back to work FT post mat-leave at her tech company job. She earns a good living, and so does her partner. The problem? The nanny she lined up didn’t work… read more »

Be Seen – Working Mother Sticky Situations Videos

Back in April, I recorded several videos with Working Mother magazine about “sticky situations” working parents face. I’m happy to be able to share them here over the next few weeks here! Our first sticky situation looks at this common dilemma: You don’t want to work around the clock. So how can you be “seen” at work? H… read more »

My approach to conferences: pack it all in

I wrote this in a coffee shop in Madison, NJ, on Saturday while waiting for my family to pick me up. We were on our way to a pool party in northern New Jersey, and it made more sense for my family to drive from Philly to meet me vs. my going all the way back out there. I had spent the previous few days in New York for the BlogHer conference. This annual conference focuses o… read more »

Re-railing a derailed day (or not)

In a comment on yesterday’s post, reader Lindsy asked this: “What I’m wondering is, what do you do on those days when lack of sleep has derailed your plan for the day? Do you look for low-energy tasks to do instead or just try to power through? Or do you have back-up plans for bad days when you can’t focus? I would love to hear your strategies.” This is a gr… read more »

Another reason to choose a career you like

My mother asked me the other day if I was getting tired of hearing myself talk. This was meant in a nice way (I think) – and touches on something aspiring book authors should know. Book writing is often about book speaking, trying to interest people in your ideas and prose. Frankly, it can be a bit of a slog. Unless you’ve got something incredibly dishy (w… read more »