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As mentioned yesterday, I have been working with Redbook to do a time diary project on how stay-at-home moms spend their days. I will save the statistical observations for after the release date, but I have noted a few things as I ponder time, and women, and careers, and the general cultural narrative. The problem with most opinion polls is that several things… read more »

The entrepreneurial dilemma: Do you really have to choose?

Over at Inc. yesterday, columnist Jessica Stillman focused on that perennial question of trade-offs. Randi Zuckerberg had tweeted a statement that seemed to encapsulate the entrepreneurial dilemma Stillman wanted to highlight: "Maintaining friendships. Building a great company. Spending time w/family. Staying fit. Getting sleep. Pick 3." It is a d… read more »

Do flexible schedules lead to loneliness?

Thanks to alert readers who sent me a recent New York Times article by Cristobal Young called "You don’t need more free time." The thesis, based on time diaries, is that leisure time is a network good. It is most enjoyed when it is experienced at the same time as other people. Young implied that this had negative implications for flexible schedules. While it i… read more »

Running a business during naptime

I am now, finally, back at my desk for a full day of work. The past week has been about making do. I can make do quite well. However, it has also been a reminder of why I really prefer not to. P (nanny) had a family emergency that brought her to South Carolina last week. Then we got snowed in and she could not get on a flight until yesterday evening. The kids were out of sch… read more »

Batch it (secrets of the most productive people series — installment 2)

Note: This week I am looking at a few of my favorite productivity techniques, with stories and explanations. Lolly Daskal is a leadership coach. She spends much of her time meeting with clients and dealing with their needs. However, to maintain the Lolly Brand — so potential clients can see her and think of her as a thought leader — she also writes… read more »