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Podcast discussion thread: Marriage and resentment

Today's Best of Both Worlds episode covers the hot topic of marriage and resentment. A listener wrote in describing her family situation, which has some similarities to what Sarah and I both experience. Her husband works longer and less flexible hours than she does. She understands that, but she cares about her career too, and she occasionally feels like sh… read more »

Podcast discussion thread: Sun’s up, morning’s here…

Longtime readers know that I am somewhat obsessed with morning routines. To the extent that anyone who doesn't read this blog regularly might have ever heard my name, it would be in conjunction with a short ebook I wrote several years ago called What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. Click-bait title, but the bait worked. It hit #3 for non-ficti… read more »

Podcast discussion thread: Getting dinner on the table

Today's food themed Best of Both Worlds podcast is mostly about that common weeknight pain point: getting dinner on the table. Everyone is coming home from work, and daycare or aftercare, and everyone is tired and hungry, but someone has to get dinner on the table. (Or at least someone probably thinks she should get dinner on the table. The cultural narrative… read more »

Podcast discussion: Can life be fun during the toddler years?

My 2-year-old had a giant meltdown this morning. An absolutely epic tantrum. He is not allowed to watch the "pucky-nooter" in the morning (that's what he calls the computer) because it's always a disaster. He wants a new YouTube video every 3 minutes and then the other kids get sucked into the computer and don't get ready for school. But boy, did he want to watch… read more »

Podcast discussion: Where is the daydreaming time in your life?

Best of Both Worlds is 2 months old, and we've crossed 40,000 downloads! Thanks so much to everyone who has downloaded the podcast and listened to it. A special thanks to people who have subscribed (so you don't have to go looking for it each week!) and have rated or reviewed it. Sarah listens to Manoush Zomorodi's Note to Self podcast, and had recently read her n… read more »