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168 Hours Time Tracking Challenge Day 7

If you kept tracking time through to today, congratulations! You now have an artifact of your life at this point in time, a rough record of where the previous 168 hours (well, almost) really went. I like to print out my filled-in spreadsheets and study them. I will admit that I am a time management freak, but you might find it enjoyable as well! And reviewing wher… read more »

168 Hours Time Tracking Challenge Day 6

Did you continue to track your time today? If so, good for you! When I've done corporate workshops and have had people track their time, occasionally people have turned in logs with the weekends completely blank. I assume the thinking is that the person just does not want to share his/her weekend with her colleagues (which is fine) although some have been fort… read more »

168 Hours Time Tracking Challenge Day 5

Today has been a long day. I am attempting to post this on the train home from NYC but Amtrak wifi is sometimes spotty. If you are reading this before 11 p.m., it worked! Anyway, last night I did some work after posting, and went to bed around 10:30. My husband came to talk to me and woke me up, which meant I really didn't go to sleep until 11-ish. 11- 5:45 a.m. — slept… read more »

168 Hours Time Tracking Challenge Day 4

Much to write about today. After I hit post on this last night, I spent the next two hours dealing with the kids and reading, going in and out between the two. I turned off the light at 10:15, even though I only had 15 minutes left in my book (per the Kindle counter). Here's how the day went: 10:15-4:45 -- slept. The 2-year-old started yelling for the first time at 4:4… read more »

168 Hours Time Tracking Challenge Day 3

We are halfway through the work-week, but not halfway through the week. It's a critical difference! My time sheets start at 5 a.m. on Monday (that seems like a good starting point for the week for me). If that's the start time, guess where the half-way mark is. It's 5 p.m. THURSDAY. I don't know about you, but 5 p.m. Thursday sounds like the end of the week to me. But… read more »